Different Versions of Myself


Everyone has different versions of themselves. The me I was when I was a teenager – so rebellious and careless – doesn’t really exist anymore… …except parts of her are still me, resisting authority at all costs. The me I … Continue reading →



Seeing as I am on an unexpected vacation, I have decided to have a little fun. Fun is something I have to remind myself to squeeze into my life, like haircuts and dentist appointments. Fun has never come naturally to … Continue reading →

Recent Developments

faded sky

I left the office at four o’clock yesterday. The sunshine nearly blinded me, an unusual occurrence. Then again, I’ve never left the office that early. Getting into my car, I followed the usual ritual: buckled seat belt, turned right out … Continue reading →

The Invisible Woman


Lately I’ve been thinking about invisibility. Not the superpower that would allow you to sneak into places you shouldn’t frequent, but the more attainable kind I’ve always craved – to take up as little space as possible. It started when … Continue reading →

Hibernation Mode

Ovid Quote

After the last few weeks of gut-wrenching mental torment and the emotional agony of the healing process, things around here have been…well, restful. Imagine that; not overworking or doing, doing, doing? Yeah, I didn’t know what that looked like, either. … Continue reading →

Getting Involved

Crowd in the Texas Capitol

I wasn’t involved in politics during college. Usually a formative time in a young adult’s life, during the peak of activism and youthful passion I abstained from what I perceived as a low-returns endeavor. To tell you the truth, I … Continue reading →

My Million Dollar Idea

Typical Saturday night. That's a power drill carrier, btw.

Typical Conversation with Mike: Me: I’m going to take Rusty for a walk. Mike: Oh great, I’ll come with you. Me: If you’re coming, do you think we could bring Mimi? I could strap her in, you know, like a … Continue reading →

An Affair (with Cheese) to Remember


I hit a turning point in my life when I discovered my love for cheese. This sounds shocking, but I hated cheese growing up unless mom disguised it as something else, like on pizza or a hamburger. No string cheese for me, … Continue reading →

Ways in Which I Am Like My Dog

A Rare photo of us together. Hmm, our coats kind of match...creepy.

This may seem banal after my last few posts, but it’s something on which I mused while celebrating this Memorial Day in the garden pulling weeds. I think it needs to be said, just to lighten the tone on here. … Continue reading →