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    Different Versions of Myself

    Everyone has different versions of themselves. The me I was when I was a teenager – so rebellious and careless – doesn’t really exist anymore… …except parts of her are still me, resisting authority at all costs. The me I was at ten – so depressed and filled with worries beyond my years – also doesn’t exist anymore… …yet she still hides away in my innermost recesses, creeping out when it’s least convenient. The me I was at twenty – so optimistic and eager to please – also doesn’t exist anymore… …but she makes an appearance when I can’t let go of my unrealistic hopes. The me I was four…

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    General Lunacy


    Seeing as I am on an unexpected vacation, I have decided to have a little fun. Fun is something I have to remind myself to squeeze into my life, like haircuts and dentist appointments. Fun has never come naturally to me, an intense first child with goals to achieve and people to prove wrong. However, once I have duly reminded myself to lighten up, I tend to swing the pendulum pretty far in the other direction. Of course I know how to be silly – once I’ve written it down in my day planner. So when I met Michele from Old Dog, New Tits and Mel from According to Mags at BlogHer,…

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    General Lunacy

    Recent Developments

    I left the office at four o’clock yesterday. The sunshine nearly blinded me, an unusual occurrence. Then again, I’ve never left the office that early. Getting into my car, I followed the usual ritual: buckled seat belt, turned right out of the driveway, made another right on the first street, headed towards home. Sylvia Poggioli of All Things Considered interviewed Venetians on how cruise ships in the small canal affect the fragile landmark, rattling the ancient architecture. How silly, I thought, that anyone would consider ruining such a valuable landmark just so a couple from Akron can snap a few photos of St. Mark’s from the foredeck. Pulling up to the first…

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    Damn the Man,  General Lunacy

    The Invisible Woman

    Lately I’ve been thinking about invisibility. Not the superpower that would allow you to sneak into places you shouldn’t frequent, but the more attainable kind I’ve always craved – to take up as little space as possible. It started when I was very young. I was tall, taller than everyone at school, even some teachers. Being teased for my height, I wanted so desperately to be petite and delicate. Instead of a fern, I was a giant redwood. I stayed silent, subconsciously believing my lack of voice would shrink my physical size. Perhaps then I would go unnoticed, one of the crowd, no longer teased. But I always stood out,…

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    Alcohol and Sobriety,  General Lunacy

    Hibernation Mode

    After the last few weeks of gut-wrenching mental torment and the emotional agony of the healing process, things around here have been…well, restful. Imagine that; not overworking or doing, doing, doing? Yeah, I didn’t know what that looked like, either. In thinking about blog topics for today, I sifted through my usual list of grievances, both against humanity and myself. I considered what was going on in life, little anecdotes about my days or with what exactly I’ve filled them. Truthfully though, my time has been passing with very little to distinguish one day from the other. I have been napping a lot lately, not exercising as intensely as usual,…

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    Getting Involved

    I wasn’t involved in politics during college. Usually a formative time in a young adult’s life, during the peak of activism and youthful passion I abstained from what I perceived as a low-returns endeavor. To tell you the truth, I was far too busy working full-time, studying and writing papers to notice much of anything. For about ten years of my life, I didn’t really watch TV, didn’t listen to the news, didn’t even know what was going on in the world. This is why I have only recently discovered shows like The West Wing and Lost (how did I miss these gems?). Basically, I have lived the past decade in a time capsule.…

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    Nothing Much, What’s Up With You?

    Mike and I got back Saturday from a mini-vacation to San Diego. This trip had several consequences: I have spent Monday in the throes of exhaustion I have a fun sunburn in the shape of a halter top I have a million things to write about but can’t focus on any of them for sustained periods of time. We came back early to celebrate Father’s Day, and I promptly came down with some sort of 24-hour mini-plague. Naturally, when I couldn’t stop hacking at midnight last night, I took some sleepy drugs. Not a good idea. When Mike dragged my ass out of bed woke me up, I think I snarled at…

  • Family Dynamics,  General Lunacy

    My Million Dollar Idea

    Typical Conversation with Mike: Me: I’m going to take Rusty for a walk. Mike: Oh great, I’ll come with you. Me: If you’re coming, do you think we could bring Mimi? I could strap her in, you know, like a Baby Bjorn? Mike: Yes, I like where this is going… Me: BITTY BJORN! It’s a brilliant idea! Mike: Your best one yet. See, I’m often scheming about ways to take the cat with me, because I know she absolutely hates it. Like most normal cats, Mimi detests going places against her will. She also can’t stand being held, because she’s half feral. If she wants affection, it’s completely on her…

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    An Affair (with Cheese) to Remember

    I hit a turning point in my life when I discovered my love for cheese. This sounds shocking, but I hated cheese growing up unless mom disguised it as something else, like on pizza or a hamburger. No string cheese for me, no little wedges with the cow face on them for snack, nuh-uh, nothankyou. Just give me some Teddy Grahams and I’ll be happy. I had always been a picky eater. My list of no-can-dos would have intimidated even the most easy-going of mothers: broccoli, brussels sprouts, mayonnaise, mushrooms, cantaloupe, apple pie, parsnips, jelly, wild rice, tuna, salad dressing of any kind. I could extend that list, but I’d like to…

  • Family Dynamics,  General Lunacy

    Ways in Which I Am Like My Dog

    This may seem banal after my last few posts, but it’s something on which I mused while celebrating this Memorial Day in the garden pulling weeds. I think it needs to be said, just to lighten the tone on here. I am much more like my dog Rusty than I care to admit. dogs can be scared of their owners, which is one trait that’s incorrigibly pervasive throughout the animal kingdom. No matter if its a dog or a cat all have some similar traits. Oh, I know, I’m a supposed to be this Cat Lady, all adorable fluffiness and purring, and believe me, I am, but Rusty and I have a…


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