Where The Heck Have I Been? A Story In Graphs — 48 Comments

  1. Hey! The look of the site has changed! Where have I been? I should go make a graph… πŸ˜‰

    But, dude, at least you can find your yard to mulch it. Your counterparts on the other coast cannot say the same.

    Ah, job hunting. It is stupid and depressing. Maybe go find some puppies who have ears they need bitten to take your mind off it?
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  2. Charts are nice and stuff, but I want to see the raw data…something tells me you still spend more time blogging than mulching…maybe I’m wrong. My own house cleaning/chore time vs. blog time would look like your coffee graph…with blogging being the preferred time user. Hopefully you can supplement your blogging with real money so that we readers can get more catlady stories.
    Chris plumb recently posted…What 20th Century Person are You: Another Stupid Personality TestMy Profile

  3. Hahaha – Nat! You crack me up. Looks like your house cleaning is the same sliver of pie as mine. And yes, same amount of TV time, speaking of which…I need to start House Of Cards. Now. You need to tell me more about this mulch thing. We just have a bunch of white stuff. Excellent presentation Ms. DeYoung-Ricci. Let’s do this again Monday morning over coffee.
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  4. I am tired of snow but don’t want to mulch. I am also way to familiar with the feeling that looking for a job creates. It is possible to find a job, but the process is soul sucking and all around depressing. After 20 years I have finally found my tribe where I am supposed to be.
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  5. Haha! Oh, these crack me up. You should make it a linkup- everyone makes their own pie charts. πŸ™‚ I left my coffee at home by accident when I went to a playdate today, and I was so pissed I drove through Starbucks to spend $5 on a latte. You just can’t waste Sunday morning coffee drinking time. Nor should you supervise a toddler playdate while under-caffeinated. Rules to live by. πŸ™‚
    Stephanie @ Mommy, for Real. recently posted…Best. Blog Post. EVER.My Profile

  6. I love graphs and pie charts….and pie….and, well, um….I think my time spent not-cleaning-the-house graph would rival yours….perhaps on account of being too busy eating the aforementioned pie πŸ˜‰
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