Damn the Man,  This is Me

Where The Heck Have I Been? A Story In Graphs

By now, you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging as much. Lately, once a week is about all I can manage. Why, you ask? Well, I have a convenient chart ready that explains where my time has gone and simultaneously demonstrates my bomb Excel skills.

Where Natalie Spends Her Time

Work Graph

Hm. Something’s not right. I didn’t include some of the other stuff, like forgetting important dates, crying about it, and not cleaning my house.

So I just made another chart.

Other Important Ways Natalie Spends Her Time

Chart 2

Okay, this one’s not entirely accurate. There were a few hours on Valentine’s Day when I needed to not work and you know, spend quality time with my spouse, and then there were the few hours after gardening where I was physically incapacitated. Lifting and spreading seventeen bags of mulch will wreak havoc on your lower back and hamstrings.

So here’s another chart. Let’s title this one:

Natalie’s Free Time



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