Who knew a space could be so packed, yet so remote? Disappearing would be easy; one click, and off into the ephemera. The tethers pulling me towards others fray, then snap like gossamer webbing. I hover over the words: Deactivate your account.   … Continue reading →

Let That Be Enough


Perpetual dissatisfaction marked my childhood. The neighborhoods I grew up in were too sterile, too full of cement and subdivisions. There was nothing left to explore; nothing that hadn’t already been tracked, catalogued and secured by adults. I could never properly … Continue reading →

Take Me Away

hot air balloon

“Natalie,” Mrs. Stenninger bent down to my desk. Tall and angular, she always squatted to talk to us at our tiny desks. I quickly shoved my book into the cubby. “Yes?” I asked, feigning innocence, like the pro liar I was fast becoming. … Continue reading →

Do Not Pass “Go”

Photo courtesy of Steven Lewis

I suppose the idea burrowed into my brain during my first upper-division literature course, which makes sense. It was Victorian literature, and the professor was a midwestern transplant who wore loafers to class and introduced Dickens in a way that actually … Continue reading →

Not Waving But Drowning

Photo courtesy of Olivia Henry

Walking usually boosts my mood, but today the walk is a mistake. My forehead glistens with sweat and my skin feels like a droplet of icy water might sizzle on it, like a searing griddle. The temperature makes the air seem … Continue reading →

Baking on a Friday Night

I don't have the right ramekins for mousse because do I look like I'm made of money?

I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but when I’m stressed out, I bake. Sometimes cookies or bread, but more often than not, I bake complex items that take on lives of their own. Dishes with several well-timed steps that take hours … Continue reading →

Ride of a Lifetime

me on bike

“So, see: clutch, front brake, your back brake is down there, and here is where you shift.” He demonstrated with each punctuation, squeezing handles and pointing to various pedals. The bike stood silently, a lime-green beast that looked as if … Continue reading →

I Am Not A Grown-Up

Christmas Unicorn

The most unexpected part of being a grown-up is how little I feel grown up. My life does not in the slightest resemble the one I imagined for myself (well, except for the handsome husband part––shout-out to Mike!). Although Happily … Continue reading →