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  1. I relate to this completely.

    I used to avoid writing during “down” moments, and wiat for the “up” or Manic moments. Then I realized that I could never write honestly that way.

    Now, I just write and wait for the rejection emails/notices to roll in. Because, like you, I’m a crappy writer who doesn’t know any better with 2 cats that like laps.
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  2. I hear you!! i’m up and down that road with you. thinking maybe i’m good enough, then knowing i’m not and wishing i were better. it’s a life of insecurity trying to be writer, but i can’t stop… still, you’ve got to sleep. hope you’re feeling better.
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  3. I hate nights like that. They make everything so much worse.

    And I think all writers feel that way sometimes. Even the ones who make a good living at it. It’s part of being what my friend calls a “maker” – someone who creates.

    For the record, I think you’re a fantastic writer. And I like to think I’m pretty discerning. πŸ™‚
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  4. Yeah, being sick and unable to sleep is the worst sort of torture, especially when the cats desert you!

    You can wallpaper your office with the rejection notes when you get to be a famous writer. Then you can point and laugh at them all. How’s that for motivation?
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  5. I was here yesterday thinking I didn’t know what to comment because it sucks so bad to feel as you do/did…but then I was still up at 3:30 this morning and I thought ” Are you an idiot?! You don’t know what to write!?”

  6. I SO relate to this. I’m currently going through a depressive episodic, “I suck and nobody likes me” phase with a side of writers block. I’m a glutton for punishment. After trying to make a go of acting and music, now I want to be a writer? I really should consider clown college at this point. You have mad writing skills Natalie. This too shall pass. Hope you’re feeling better, Snuffaluffagus.
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  7. I’m physically sick and tired too, but I’m trying to get over my own personal pity party. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t feel the sun’s presence for another four months, and am actually enjoying Christmas music for the first time since I stopped working retail in 2006 (this is a real baby step, but a step for me). I’m going to fight my mini-depression by focusing on what I have, not what I have not.

    And how dare you think you can’t write. We all envy your voice. (p.s. my mother was much harsher to me to get me to snap outta my funk).
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  8. I can totally relate. Especially with the rejection spiral. I’ve felt like that a lot lately, which created a spiral of self-doubt. I’m learning that the only cure for it (for me, at least) is to just keep at it. For what it’s worth, I LOVE reading your blog.
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  9. Just because you get a rejection does not mean that you cannot write! What you have written was not right for that publication. Just as every man could not be your Mike. You found the right one and the right one will find you.
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  10. Oh those wide awake middle of the nights are the worst, and I completely understand that feeling. Sometimes it takes a little change of scenery, some trusty benadryl, and a handsome guy who doesn’t want to sleep alone to soothe you back to sleep.
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  11. I can totally relate. Writing does really work one way or another, and so does a good Yoga Nidra recording. Or ASMR videos on You Tube. The idea is a little creepy, but they work. At least you’ll laugh about having tried them. Good luck. πŸ™‚
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  12. Dude! Perfect timing!
    I’m in the middle of reading “The Paris Wife” – historical fiction about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife and, by association, Hemingway – and he’s going through this, too! In the part of the book I’m at, I mean. Not right now. He’s dead. I really hope his nose isn’t as sniffly as yours because being dead with a sniffly nose would suck completely.
    My point here being – you and Hemingway are in the same place (in my world) right now with the Writing-Isn’t-Doing-What-It-Is-Supposed-To-Do thing! Well done!

    If it helps, and I don’t know why it would because it’s not like I’m a published author, but…I will not work on writing in November or February. And this year, I’m booting December, too. You’re totally allowed to do that. Ok, maybe you’re not, but I am and I am more than happy to share with you.
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  13. Your writing is gorgeous. This piece is gorgeous, because you capture the real and the gritty so well. There is never a good time to get rejection, but when you’re in a bad space, it is especially crushing.
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  14. There is nothing more annoying than being woken up by your own sneezes and runny nose. That happened to me last week. For THREE hours in the middle of the night. That and writing. That’s annoying too. I’m going through a writer’s block right now and your psychologist’s advice would apply to me as well. I need to spend less time in my head.

    This, by the way, was masterfully crafted. Don’t judge yourself too hard. We all have limitations, most of us are not aware of them. Identifying your limitations brings you closer to managing them. And there I with my cliches…
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