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For your reward, here’s a fun picture


Yep, she’s obsessed with the turtle. She assures me she doesn’t want to eat him, but I’m wary.




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  1. Hey! I just came across your blog through the Bloggess’ page, wel ‘just’… I spent the last two hours reading your blogs and have gone so far back as your trip to NY. Just wanted to tell you I think you’ve got a fun and entertaining blog and that you write about a lot of stuff I can relate to myself as well. So keep it going, you’ve just one yourself a new reader back here in Spain (BTW: you should consider moving to Spain instead of France: people are more easy going, you as Californian almost for sure already know some Spanish and the baguettes are just as delicious here as across the border!) Thanks for your blog, love it!

    • Thank you and welcome! OMG, Spain is next on my list of where to go next! You’re right, I already know quite a bit of Spanish; I studied it in school. I wouldn’t call myself fluent AT ALL, but I can make myself understood well enough. If you have baguettes as delicious as the ones I ate in France, you’ve sold me, especially because I already know it’s gorgeous there. ¡Que hermosa capital del arte!

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