• Damn the Man,  SoCal

    The L.A. Scene

    One of the great injustices in the current unemployed’s list of hoops through which to jump is the new-and-improved prospective employee-vetting process. Yeah, they ask for normal things like your resume and portfolio, but they also ask for the equivalent of a college admission essay and “what makes you interesting in 140 characters or less.” In the past I’ve tried to make myself sound more interesting than I am by detailing exactly how much coffee I consume on a daily basis, but so far no takers. For one particular job in media I saw the other day, the prospective employer requested I list my favorite magazines and newspapers, just to demonstrate that I am “with it” as…

  • Alcohol and Sobriety,  SoCal

    The Road

    Most pleasures of life are simple. In the brief time I lived in the quaint little craftsman at the edge of the world, some of the brightest moments included exploring the cliffs and coastline just around the corner. I have never felt healthier or happier than the times I jogged along Paseo del Mar, the street weaving around the Palos Verdes Peninsula like a hemline. After all, nothing beats inhaling deeply of fresh, salty air with the soundtrack of waves crashing against the cliffs accompanying the staccato of my feet on pavement. Most days it was like staring at a priceless Cezanne, the overwhelming burst of color and light almost…


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