The L.A. Scene


One of the great injustices in the current unemployed’s list of hoops through which to jump is the new-and-improved prospective employee-vetting process. Yeah, they ask for normal things like your resume and portfolio, but they also ask for the equivalent of a … Continue reading →

Just Say No


This isn’t a real post, FYI. This is me coming up for air. Gulp. I once saw the biggest opportunity… When I first got laid off, my plan was to be open to possibilities. I am of a cautious nature, … Continue reading →

Beautiful San Diego!

Swami's Beach

Last weekend Mike and I journeyed to North County, San Diego. Not a whole lot happened on the trip, and I was such a lazy good-for-nothing that I didn’t even take pictures until the last day, when it occurred to … Continue reading →

Misfit in L.A.

Mondays Blog Hop Button

I’m aware that I frequently complain about where I live, when many would kill to live in Southern California. The sunshine alone is reason to want to carve out a space here; 284 days of sun and a mere 26 … Continue reading →

Monday, I Will Smack You

To beat an over-used expression to death, I am having a serious case of the Mondays. Scratch that – I have had a case of the Mondays for the past week or two. Would that make it a case of … Continue reading →

Crunchy Any Way I Can Get It

You don’t grow up in California without turning out a little crunchy. That is, at least the California of the eighties and nineties; if you were paying any attention to conservation talks in school involving talking dolphin puppets admonishing us to cut … Continue reading →

Rain Dance

Rain in Los Angeles is kind of a big deal. We don’t really have weather here except for Santa Anas (dry desert wind that screws with allergies like a mofo), a stray heat wave now and again, and an occasional rain, but … Continue reading →

The Road

Most pleasures of life are simple. In the brief time I lived in the quaint little craftsman at the edge of the world, some of the brightest moments included exploring the cliffs and coastline just around the corner. I have … Continue reading →