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Monday, I Will Smack You — 21 Comments

  1. where exactly were you? we hike up that way all the time, and then I blog about it, ha ha. you do know that it’s full of mountain lions, don’t you? my son was stalked by one and threw rocks at it. Be careful!

      • If one gets that close to you, it’s uh kinda too late. You really should have pepper spray and a few rocks. It’s beautiful up there. I’ve been there and to Crystal Cove, too. I think we saw the guy who played Nate on Gossip Girl hiking up there. I almost made a total fool of myself. I regret that I did not.

          • YOU SAW CHUCK BASS?? YOU SAW CHUCK BASS? OMG. did you post a blast on GG? ha ha. For some reason, his smoldering badness gets me sooo excited and it’s very disturbing cos he’s even younger than my son (as is Nate). I had a dream about Chuck, well, I should have posted it when GG was still on. kinda not relevant anymore, but it was VERY detailed! One day, come down this way and lets hike the Daley Ranch. I don’t hike anywhere when hubs is gone….

  2. I’m so stir crazy right now, I need to get outside. The weather has been warm enough lately but I’m still in bomb shelter winter lockdown mode. We have been staying up till four every night, so bad

  3. Natalie – how much do I love you for the Office Space references? That movie…there is no words. Just therapy for spending years in cubicles. I am also plagued by ever mounting ambition or god only knows what and it only gets worse during awards season. Now that the snow is melted and the sun has finally shown itself, I think the park is an excellent idea. And the bonus? Our park has an archery range. Time to get out the bow and arrow and get out those frustrations. 😉 Thanks for linking up to the hop. Great to have you there. xx

    • That movie always makes me feel both soothed and ready to start a workplace revolution, a wonderful combo for someone who is paid to be bored all day. I think I need to watch it again…
      And archery?? I am amazed! I tried it once and couldn’t find the upper body strength to pull back the bow! Dude, get out in that fresh air and get on it! 🙂

  4. Your post reminded me of all the reasons I love SUMMER. In Oregon, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. are all great options, but to me, they aren’t possible until the mercury hits 80. Most of Oregon doesn’t dethaw until mid-May…so I guess I’ll just have to escape vicariously through your posts.

    Man I want to go camping…or to the Bahamas.

    • You can’t sport a rain poncho and just tough it out? No, I guess that’d be unpleasant. It rained a little on my hike, and I didn’t like having to wipe off my glasses every 30 seconds. I’ve only ever been to Oregon in July and August, and it was gorgeous both times – I suspect that is not the norm there. Also – it gets up to 80 there??? I guess inland it might, I’ve only ever spent any real time there along the coastline.

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