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Surprise Neighbors, Or Why I Love Camping — 42 Comments

  1. I’ve read too many serial killer books–I’d be afraid to speak to another living soul, just in case they were plotting for my kidneys. You’re very brave!
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  2. I never thought it possible to put the can of chili on fire,wouldn’t it explode,but then what do I know,I go camping with prepared food and always remember the utensils I need. Your trip is exciting and you know how to make do with what you have,it also requires a cool mind.I honestly have neither of those!

  3. Big fan of camping. Not such a big fan of southern California. You ought to look at what Northern Ca. has to offer in terms of scenic beauty. I have lived here all my life and LOVE it. And Fresno?? I have referred to Fresno as the armpit often. I laughed so hard at that. We have the other pit up north. Better known as the greater Stockton/Tracy area. Anyway, I loved this post. You are right. Campers for the most part are the friendliest people. I mean really, what do they have to be grumpy about? Thanks for sharing this post.
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    • Oh, I love Northern CA! We were only gone for a weekend, so couldn’t drive that far. And I think only Californians understand the armpit reference. 😉 And I drove through Stockton once – it was scary.

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