cherry blossom2

fold yourself up like a wee origami box delicate and lovely pink azaleas sketched on only the exterior once you’re as wee as you can make yourself fold yourself in half again and again and again until we can’t see you especially … Continue reading →



I haven’t had much to say the past few months. I have had so much to say the past few months. Sometimes it comes pouring out of my mouth like ectoplasm, provoked by the social outrage of the day, or … Continue reading →

Isolation–A Poem


The chasm between us widens With every sip you take I’ve always been separate, though Stalking silently Through this life It’s not you, it’s me Splitting through at the center Over something so ordinary It’s hardly worth mentioning Except until it is … Continue reading →

The Source


Raise your candle so we can see Your heart gazing through the flame Lift the cup to your lips in prayer A communion of ecstasy   Ride the back of uncertainty Though it tries to shake you off I’ll meet you at … Continue reading →

This New Person


I don’t feel like a mother yet. Some people feel like they’re born to be mothers; I was never one of those people. My desire for children was more complicated than that. We felt the baby’s first kicks at week … Continue reading →

Life and What Comes After


I sit here on the couch, and I don’t know what to do. I had planned to use the pool at the nearby gym, a respite from the unrelenting heat. But I forgot what I needed for swimming. There are … Continue reading →

the days of death are upon us

where to bridge

the death days are upon us the time of mourning is at hand some pour out words of celebration for those who go ahead others, like me, cannot i’ve always been selfish that way mentally robbing you of your crown, … Continue reading →

Anonymous No More


I damn near forgot it was today when I got the text message from Mike asking if we could celebrate over dinner. Oh yeah. Six years sober today. Each year, I try to reflect on my life before and my … Continue reading →


Photo courtesy of Olivia Henry

Waves kiss the shoreline, Shameless in their affection, Rushing to embrace. Often they batter lovers One grain of sand at a time. … Continue reading →

When in the black


When in the black I find respite from care The kind that pours bland nothingness to brim O’erflows the bonds up which we strung in prayer Our arms outstretched to slice through fraying limb Out on periphery of madness share Sweet palm to palm in contact round … Continue reading →