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  1. Once a story teller, always a story teller. You know what? I was the only 12 year old I knew with them, too! I thought it happened from my jeans being too tight haha! Finally I found out they were normal…but GAH! Can those years be any harder??

  2. “You know those memories that are clear, the ones you can pluck whole from your mind and examine as if they were three-dimensional objects?”

    Ahhh yes. And yet, if what you went through helped to hone this part of you which writes so very beautifully, then at least Good came out of it.
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  3. dang those are some pretty inventive lies to come to you just like that. I’ve always been the one that always thinks of the PERFECT thing to say– well after the fact. πŸ™‚
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  4. That was an awesome response to his question. You know when someone says something rude and it is only later on that you come up with a perfect retort? You nailed it right then and there – well played, fifth grade Natalie.
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  5. This is so well written. You touch on all those end-of-childhood things with a light hand and deft touch. I just love that you were almost inadvertently empowering yourself right from the very beginning of all that awful body stuff. It also reminded me of the time I convinced the tough kids from down the street that my softball inflicted black eye was the result of a fight. They looked at me with new respect after that. πŸ˜‰
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  6. I loved swim classes (at my school it was in 4th grade), and begged my teacher to make me a shark and not a dolphin (dolphins didn’t get to use the diving board). She finally relented after I out-swam all the kids in my group.

    I was overwhelmed, however, whenever I looked over at a girl in a bathing suit; and completely lost my ability to swim properly. A girl with knife scars? That would’ve been too much for me. Good embellishment.
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  7. While it’s hilarious that you on-the-spot made up such an awesome fib about your sister stabbing you, it also makes me sad to think remember that even young girls already are so aware of wanting to be “perfect.” I think I was about 10 when I wondered whether I was fat. I wasn’t, but I wasn’t bony, either. One day, we’ll find a way to raise kids who don’t see all of their imperfections. I hope, anyway.
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    • I hope so too. It is sad that I started thinking that way so young. I think my first “hate my appearance” moment came at age six when I wanted blonde hair, because I thought brown hair was ugly.

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