• Human Skin Book

    The Unidentified Story

    I’m window shopping for my friend’s birthday, and the sign in Edwardian script catches my eye. Funny, I’ve walked by the Curiosity Shoppe maybe a dozen times, I guess. I must not have noticed it. It’s in one of the older buildings on the tiny street. Probably the perfect place to find something for Tom. There could be a random paperweight in the shape of a raven’s skull or something else weird that Tom would cackle¬†over¬†with glee. He’s a strange guy. Pulling at the heavy door, I let myself in to the tinkling of a bell. Inhaling deeply, I first notice the smell. Soft and acrid. The smell of decay,…

  • Life of Pi
    General Lunacy

    Thoughts About This Week

    In no particular order: I have required two cold showers a day every day this week, because it is hot here; so hot I don’t even want to use a tired metaphor involving hell to describe it. Oh yeah, we don’t have air-conditioning, and we live in a 100-year-old house without insulation. So I’m also not sleeping at night… Other ways to stay cool: standing in front of the open freezer, putting my face directly in front of the fan we have propped in the window, driving around with the air-conditioning on, eating popsicles, drinking a metric fuck-ton of ice water each day. Sorry for the cussing, I’m not sleeping.…

  • Adventureland!,  Family Dynamics,  The Sacred Arts,  Writing

    Passions, Otherwise Known as Unhealthy Obsessions

    Hey, lookey-here, another Finish-the-Sentence Friday, courtesy of Katie Hall! Any excuse I can find to indulge in this topic, since I am a very passionate person and sometimes journaling just doesn’t cut it. Plus, this is Friday, and I need to write something easy and non-serious so the first thing visible on this blog isn’t my first public attempt at poetry. Gah. I am very passionate about… Um, everything? More specifically, everything I write about on this blog? Do you need more detail? I guess so. I’m feeling lazy today this week. Must be a twenty-four hour tumor going around. Let me see if I can drill my passions down…


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