Only a white lie.ย Colored in, embellished.ย Harmless, really. She doesn’t need to know the extent of it.

She asks questions with a poker face. She’s a pro. Her expressionless look signals I change my teenaged tactics, quickly.

She always finds out.


Sherlock Mom — 19 Comments

    • It’s praeidetetmd murder! Zimmerman exited his truck with the intent to kill and he used the NEN to put his plan into play. You can hear the gun clicking on the 911 call.

    • You miss the point. Powdered Zeolite has been around for over 800 years. It doesn’t get into the blood stream. Our activated Liquid zeolite does and has a much greater surface area. The positive stories on Zeooite came after our product was released. I know it works and will continue to take it. I hope you ahve the same positive results with the powdered form.

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