Into the Void

Photo courtesy of Steven Lewis

These four walls enclosed me So long I don’t remember Sunshine or moonlight Or much beyond broken promises No one made me And painted dreams I glazed myself. I daub another layer Actively awaiting the Jungles Cathedrals Cafés From my chimeric canvas. … Continue reading

Fiction: The Jacket

stars at night

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold on Southern California, mildly nipping them in the April night air. A group of ten stood in the parking lot of the Starbird diner after several hours of milkshakes, curly fries and tossing … Continue reading

Fiction: Roses for Elise


As she glided through the coffee shop, not one person looked up to mark her passage. She sliced through the crowd like a knife through warm butter, the atmosphere around her yielding and pliable. Men and women sat across from each … Continue reading

A Box of Photos


There was a loud crash in the hallway After pulling out the Parcheesi And other dusty boxes that House fragments of faded memories Falling to the floor                             The photos Spill from the carton                             Fluttering To rest on the floor – … Continue reading

The Green Fairy


“Damn it!” Lon slurred, tilting the bottle upside down. “We’re all out.” Some of the absinthe splashed from his glass to his neckcloth, leaving unseemly green splotches on the white linen. Ricard laughed, dealing another hand as he spoke. “I … Continue reading