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    there yet

    it is murky though I rub at my eyes it doesn’t help because I am submerged in fact which way is even up did I dive down here myself why is it so hard to move where am I why am I what happened I knew but I didn’t know there there it is sludgy muck but enough to touch my toes a quick squelch a bit of pressure almost effortless because there is no there there am I moving again the murk remains but yes it’s dissipating granules sifting away shapes take shape shadows ahead that loom like either whales or unknown beasts of the deep

  • Fiction/Poetry


    fold yourself up like a wee origami box delicate and lovely pink azaleas sketched on only the exterior once you’re as wee as you can make yourself fold yourself in half again and again and again until we can’t see you especially can’t hear you you may threaten to burst but don’t and remain pretty and easy and light

  • breeze

    Isolation–A Poem

    The chasm between us widens With every sip you take I’ve always been separate, though Stalking silently Through this life It’s not you, it’s me Splitting through at the center Over something so ordinary It’s hardly worth mentioning Except until it is So I stay on my side of the gap And not bother you with me This fractured human With too much human Who walks alone Apart

  • Fiction/Poetry

    The Source

    Raise your candle so we can see Your heart gazing through the flame Lift the cup to your lips in prayer A communion of ecstasy   Ride the back of uncertainty Though it tries to shake you off I’ll meet you at the journey’s end And embrace you with fervency   Night may darken too soon of course You may count on nothing else But keep the hope in your heart lit full For it’s there we find our source

  • Fiction/Poetry

    the days of death are upon us

    the death days are upon us the time of mourning is at hand some pour out words of celebration for those who go ahead others, like me, cannot i’ve always been selfish that way mentally robbing you of your crown, your throne your eternal salvation for my grief and my ever shifting uncertainty but grief does not care for limitations. of all who shaped my present from the past you were the one i never imagined you were omnipresent always were always am always will be even when absent you weren’t far. fifteen years nearly half my lifetime how do you say everything that needs to be said yet needs to be silenced? aquarius…

  • Fiction/Poetry

    When in the black

    When in the black I find respite from care The kind that pours bland nothingness to brim O’erflows the bonds up which we strung in prayer Our arms outstretched to slice through fraying limb Out on periphery of madness share Sweet palm to palm in contact round we rim While deep in black I dwell; confined by mine own snare Although not my design, no blame seems clear All fight of mine now sets upon the bier.

  • Fiction/Poetry

    Song of the Times

    We steam clean our rage until what was once human becomes tepid We are not the only ones who are frail Yet we proceed as if none matter more Cataclysms hail towards the times We have created for ourselves. I’ll meet you in the fire. I’ll dive into the flood. I’ll dig you space in the avalanche. I’ll save your pint of this blood. – – – Villages where walls crumble and nature reclaims her place supreme We made a mess and refuse to wipe it clean But what remains remains to be seen Though not the same as before We are seeing the power of the invisible Drawn to the ancients Pushed from the present Saved from…

  • Fiction/Poetry

    Epigram for the Most Wretched of Creatures

    My cat looks at me with such indiff’rence I almost can’t abide Yet turns on the charm and nuzzles my arm when she wants to go outside Why oh why do I live at her command to serve and my pride debase? When it’s terribly clear when I’m itching her ear she’s just waiting to scratch off my face?

  • Fiction/Poetry

    Fiction: From Now On

    The boops and beeps sliced through the fog rolling across the lake, which was so still her reflection stared back at her without wavering. How long had she been sitting here? She blinked, swiveling her head in slow motion. Gray nothing spread out before her in large swaths, the mist obscuring all that surrounded her, yet she felt like she occupied a pinprick of yawning space. After some time (Minutes? Hours?), she looked down and saw that she was in a rowboat, oars mysteriously absent. This did not upset her. She didn’t even bob side to side, the water like glass that might break if she threw a rock at it, if she had…


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