Photo courtesy of Steven Lewis

When I Left you alone You grew large, expanding Until you seeped through all my heart’s Chambers. When I Indulged the fantasy, dreaming Of leaving, you cajoled With verses from Afar. – – – This is my attempt at a mirror cinquain … Continue reading →

Ere I Go


Ere I go, tell me you love me, the way You did when fervor newly found ingress In hearts untested by lust’s impish play, `Fore cares wore down our souls to fathoms less. Commit to me devotion sweet anew In ways my aging … Continue reading →



Stand still, and I will read to thee To fit the naked foot of Poesy All of which were words, words, words But in my simple ignorance I suppose Much have I seen and known; cities of men From all … Continue reading →

If We Let It


It patters on the banana fronds Runs in rivulets down muddy streets Mossy tufts sprout in the old gypsy’s room The house crumbling around us. Years have passed without it ceasing It will wipe down our memories, and with them Our history. … Continue reading →

Second-Hand Sunglasses


The Saturday before school started, Tina and her mom went to Second Hand Love for back-to-school clothes. Tina hated the feeling of wearing someone else’s jeans, but after a few wears she forgot all about it. After all, one could … Continue reading →

Without the Map


I tried to forgive them, for my sanity’s sake, but the longer I sat there the more I wanted revenge. Imagining walking back to town through the piss-soaked streets, the mud so thick it formed an unwieldy suction around every step, my jaw stiffened. … Continue reading →


gnarled tree

In the span of a breath, everything changed It fell from her hand, hung from a limp trunk Glinting with hazard, its surface warned us Of perils she ignored, or so we thought. Her voice climbed branches mellifluously Effortlessly returning humanity Back to us … Continue reading →

On your way to steal my mermaid, eh?


“Can I have the last one?” she asked, reaching her fork over. “Hell no!” I swatted it away, a fly hovering over the syrup. “I never get to eat Æbleskiver,” I said, savoring another bite. “You had your chance to order better.” … Continue reading →

Into the Void

Photo courtesy of Steven Lewis

These four walls enclosed me So long I don’t remember Sunshine or moonlight Or much beyond broken promises No one made me And painted dreams I glazed myself. I daub another layer Actively awaiting the Jungles Cathedrals Cafés From my chimeric canvas. … Continue reading →


The Mimi

As she stares out the window, enraptured by chirping teases, Her tail swishing against the sill with absent brushing flicks, So I gaze at the yellowing images; Places I have been and Places I long to be, A dream deferred Too … Continue reading →