My name is Natalie DeYoung, and I am an English Professor/writer/lion tamer from one of the million suburbs of Los Angeles. I live there with my husband, where I enjoy painting, hiking, playing the piano and singing, enrolling in Grad School for esoteric subjects, and scheming of ways to travel the globe on the cheap. Oh, and reading: lots of reading.


Me. Hi.

This blog reflects my many interests and includes creative non-fiction, poetry and fiction. Some of it’s serious and some of it’s silly, because above all, I don’t believe in labels.

This is my cat, Mimi. She pretty much runs this place. Say hi.

Partner in Crime – see, she thinks she’s “helping.” Lazy cat.


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    • Wow, I don’t know you in person, but I think I love you…
      [sorry if that was too forward – I haven’t been getting much sleep lately]
      Thank you!

  1. Oh my hubby and I are still giggling….Love your ABOUT page! Found you from, as I’m a Recovery writer and author trying in vain to become a better writer. My first book written came easy to me. I was told to “Write What You Know,”…..that was about my life with gambling addiction, sex abuse survivor as a little girl, as I bought a train ticket on the Real Crazy Train that almost to me to suicide, twice, and Finally Recovery for over 7 years. I really enjoyed your #143 Writing Challenge post. I could relate! *Catherine* 🙂
    Author Catherine Lyon recently posted…It’s Funny Friday And A Special Guest Blog!My Profile

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. When I visited your blog today, I tried to use the “Follow” button down in the right hand corner. I got a return message that said something like: Sorry, no such page.

    Robin recently posted…ReflectionMy Profile

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