Triggers (Trigger Warning) — 51 Comments

  1. Again…so much packed into few words. Do you teach a course on brevity and amazing writing? Do let me know where to sign up.

    Great piece. I’d like to reserve the first copy (signed, of course) of your first book, please.

  2. Oh poor Sam. But nicely done – I want to go grab his gun (since I know he has one and I don’t) and shoot him in the foot! The last line is so powerful.

  3. Well written. I equally love and hate pieces like this. I love the emotion they conjure, but hate that there really are people out there like that. Thankfully, they are far from my loving father.

  4. You did a fantastic job breathing life into such an unlikeable character – and also into your heroine-in-the-making. I hope she calls the cops on him herself some day (at the very least…).

    Great take on the prompts!

  5. My parents loved me mucho, but at the same time, were always obliviously loud and obnoxious when we went out to eat (or to the movies). Beyond the abusive relationship is a real human emotion many have experienced (the want to slink away or shhhh–people are eavesdropping) feeling. I felt connected for a brief second, and then you went a different way completely. I liked it (if one can like abusive stories), I actually wanted more of the italics scenes, as they made me connect even more with Sam.

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