My life began with a funeral

A fresh start from a bloody goodbye

The harmful root wrenched free and yet

I weep for what is no more than an


Standing alone, I jump from the edge

Suspended above water, space, which

Expands to meet me as I greet it with

A kiss – both bitter and relieving


For what is more complex than this

To risk both all and nothing

Life is short and so is my grief

But I always remember the


From whence it began, this journey

Of solitude where I seek out

The innermost secrets of being

Me, on the verge of some great

School-Field-Trip_7305464832_l-300x199Hey readers, after a brief hiatus, I am back at the Speakeasy this week! Since there are only two more weeks left before summer break, dive on in an submit your own work! It’s a lot of fun.

This week’s prompt must begin with the sentence “My life began with a funeral” and must refer to the photo.



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