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  1. I applaud you for that decision. I was trying to make that decision myself…but at the end of the day, you have to do what is RIGHT for YOU. 🙂 Keep on being yourself!!!! No ads…do it for the love & spirit of you!

  2. That must have been a very hard thing to do, and a hard thing to tell everyone too.

    I admit – I initially came for the funny, because you are a funny woman. But I stayed because your writing drew me in. I love reading what you post. You are a talented, funny, amazing, smart woman. Keep doing whatever it is you feel to do!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. I have been on the road you speak of too. I was sniveling at a meeting in 1980, a stranger pulled my arm, hard, asked me if I believed in God? I do… He told me to look up at God and tell Him what Christ did on the cross was not good enough for me; concerned, I listened. He told me not to worry about everything out there. The spot I needed to be working on was between my ears. He shared about filling my mind, with the focus of the meaning of the cross, and my life would change, in a great way, and it did. Everything for me is just great… didn’t use to be like that. Remember, you may only be stumbling forward to success. Keep onward… I can tell you are going in the right direction.

  4. I was always attracted to your blog for the writing. COngratulations on the next step in the journey. Be confident you already have the “be bold” part down pat!

  5. I’ve never advertised and wasn’t sure how beneficial it was. I’m pretty cheap and frugal, so I never really gave it much consideration. I may have found you through The Bloggess. How long ago did you advertise with her? I’ve been reading your blog since last summer, if I recall correctly.

    It’s hard to bring the funny every day. Sometimes I find myself just writing and then throwing in a simile to try to make it funnier. Bleh.
    Kate Hall recently posted…10 TV Characters from the 80s(ish) I Loved to HateMy Profile

    • Yeah, and what’s more, I have a feeling I’d be funnier if I didn’t pressure myself so much.
      I didn’t start advertising with her until November, and I’m still up through the end of the month, when my contract expires, so we probably found each other through some other means…

  6. I found you through the bloggess, but I’m staying for the writing. As long as you keep posting a link on Facebook (until my lazy self has time to update the links on my blog) I’ll keep clicking on over. Enjoy your new freedom. You’ve earned it!

  7. Your description of the struggle to upkeep “the funny” is so accurate, I never thought about it from a critical point of view until now, but it is so true. I’ve done all of the above – panicked when I had to force the funny out of nowhere, apologized when I didn’t and promised to bring funny back next time. I’m glad you’ve made your decision (totally identify with prolonging the process as much as possible) and I wish you the best of luck. I believe that great writing will get you further than advertising in the right places.
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  8. That’s why I ended up doing different things on my blog; it’s hard to be funny all the time and there are days when you’re just not gonna feel it. And there’s more I want to say. I want to do poetry and talk about depression. I worry sometimes that I’m too all over the place, but I guess that’s just my personality. My band does that musically too. All over the place. I personally appreciate variety. I applaud your decision. You’re an excellent writer and I think your blog will only grow and grow.
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  9. I found you through Yeah Write, and I really enjoy reading your blog (the humor as well as the serious stuff) Enjoy your ad free creative life!

    Write on.

  10. You’ll be fine without an ad. I seek out your blog to read it; I don’t even need a notification. The people following you now will continue to follow you, and just immersing yourself in the blogging community will help get your name out there. I think you made the best choice.
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  11. Let me tell you, I totally know where you are coming from. I recently changed my URL and name of my blog because I no longer fit my old one. Dude, that stress was way more than I ever thought it would be. I went through all of the doubt you did about not having any readers, sinking into oblivion. But instead I got a lot of support, support I was not expecting from people who actually *liked* me! Who knew? I applaud your decision, I think you made the right one, it’s no good if you are writing for someone else, and what’s the use if you are driving people to your blog only to have them find something they were not looking for. Keep doing Yeah Write, and awesome hops like this one, you will have readers. Readers who like what the real you wants to write!
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  12. I read once (i don’t remember what) who reasoned that EVERY decision we make is out of either love or fear, and that every damn choice made out of love of self- others- ice cream) is the correct one. Sounds like you’ve developed a sweet tooth- for yourself. Bravo!
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  13. Good for you! I know it is tough to let go of the “possibilities” that advertising seems to represent, but I have a feeling that you will be just fine. I think God has as even great possibilities for you.
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  14. “You know how when you cling to something so tightly it slips away by virtue of the fact that you can’t let it go?”
    This is so true and you put it beautifully. By letting go we free up energy for new experiences. I have to remind myself of this sooooo much!
    PS. I think I found your blog by clicking on a comment you made on another blog, then kept coming back because I loved your voice, and now you are on my blogroll. I don’t think I even noticed your advertisement on The Bloggess until after I had been following you for quite a while. So an awesome community will still come to you without adverting! Because I am awesome. And I am part of your community. Yay!
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  15. Good for you for making the decision that’s best for your blog. I found you on bloggess too, and I love what you write about. My blog has evolved in theme and writing style too and it’s only been 6 months. You gotta write what you know, and write because you love it.

    I’ve also followed you on twitter. Hoping to get your blog updates through there. Would love it if you returned the follow 🙂

    Happy blogging!
    Joanne recently posted…Annoying things people do in restaurantsMy Profile

  16. I have no idea how I found you. But I’ve been reading for a while, and enjoying it. Especially the more serious stuff, so keep it up. I will try to lurk less and comment more =)

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