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  1. Sounds like good news. For now, you are right where you are supposed to be.Most of the fears and thoughts going through your mind is your body trying to get you to give it what it wants. People don’t realize we condition our brain to want alcohol/drugs just like we need food, water, and shelter. So, your body will try to make you feel like you are going to die without the stuff. Not drinking water will kill you; not giving in to the Monster won’t. It’s like being chased by a big dog. We try to run and get bitten every time. However, if you turn suddenly, bark loud and charge hard back at the dog, chances are he may run off. You will never know until you confront it on a daily basis, just as you are now. Good job, it gets better.

  2. Brené Brown writes faboulously useful stuff! Have you seen her TED lectures on Vulnerability? THey are worth the look. Congratulations and good luck! Considering the amount of bravery it takes to look at all our own crap I would say you’re already successful! Being sober for thirty years this year …every moment has been worth it. Best to you! Sending protective and positive vibes.

  3. This:

    “In this process, I’ve learned how scared I am to simply be myself. I’m afraid of what people will think of me. If people really knew me, they wouldn’t love me anymore. They might even stop talking to me. In fact, I censor myself on here sometimes so I won’t offend people with my me-ness. Imagine, trying to be authentic while still holding back what you’re sure will be offensive to some. I’m tired of it.”

    I so relate. <3
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  4. Wow! I didn’t read your blog on Friday but I went to a meeting on Sunday a.m. where the theme was “courage” and I realized how powerful is the prayer for “courage to change the things I can”! Yes you (and I) can! I’ve read your Monday post now; behind you all the way!

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