• Fiction/Poetry

    Fiction: The Jacket

    Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold on Southern California, mildly nipping them in the April night air. A group of ten stood in the parking lot of the Starbird diner after several hours of milkshakes, curly fries and tossing bent straws at each other across the booth. Most of them didn’t want to leave, because that meant either a.) going home to an empty apartment, or b.) going home to apartments teeming with roommates. So they stood in a loose cluster, discussing plans for the weekend and cracking jokes about Spencer’s need for a haircut. His corkscrews stood out from his head almost like a football helmet, but he wasn’t quirky…

  • Family Dynamics

    A Romantic Christmas

    Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be married to Mike. We met when we were both very young, 18 and 19 years old respectively, and we both fell very hard for each other. We were each others’ first loves, but it was more than that. Somehow at such an ordinarily romantically unstable age, I knew I’d found my soul mate. When two people meet at such a young age and spend formative young adult years in an oppressively religious environment, they essentially date in a fishbowl with everyone telling them how to conduct their relationship, when they should get married, and when they should break up. We broke…

  • Romeo and Juliet

    Fiction: Chance Encounters and Shakespeare

    It was almost serendipitous, the way I looked up from the sink just in time to see Mercutio running down the street. “Shit,” I muttered, dropping the lettuce I’d been cleaning and running out the front door, grabbing the leash from the hook as I left. Jogging after him, a quick glance behind confirmed that yes, the door had failed to latch after I unloaded the groceries. I really need to be more careful about that, I thought. Mercutio was not the kind of dog you wanted running around the neighborhood – he was the kind of dog you wanted when you were a single woman living alone at the…

  • General Lunacy

    S.A.D. – A Valentine’s Day Alternative

    Eh, I have never been big on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, and yes, I manage to carry this off while simultaneously being the world’s biggest cynic. It’s one of my more delightful qualities. I believe the term would be complex. Aren’t you all jealous of Mike, who gets to be married to such a delightfully complex woman? So Valentine’s Day. I spent the majority of my V-Days single because I could never scrape together enough cash to pay someone to date me. Very aware of my unique ability to repel the opposite sex and yet helpless to do anything about it, I did the next best thing; I instituted S.A.D., or, Singles Awareness Day.…


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