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  1. Happy Anniversary! OK I would listen to your whole list, but I can’t because I can’t stop Pathetique. Actually its OK because I know most of these songs, but they are eclipsed by the beauty and grace right now especially of the way that Yundi Plays.
    BTW that whole Genesis album is the perfect example of why I started Raised on the Radio, each song on that album is tied to another. If you don’t listen to that whole album you aren’t doing it justice, you know?
    And thank you for the Milk Carton Kids, never heard them! Now I am listening to that… another I will listen to all the way through. Great list!!!
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  2. Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚ What a gorgeous song you have πŸ™‚

    And WOW! Yundi makes it seem so easy! Glad you learned it in the end. Roll on the day when Jen decides to make us upload our own videos of us somehow performing a song – you’ll be well in the lead for mastery πŸ™‚
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  3. I so wish I could play piano decently and I’m really impressed that you taught yourself to play those pieces. I know exactly what you mean about learning with stuff that doesn’t inspire you. I had to do that with voice lessons, guitar, flute and I was like “can I PLEASE do something I like??” If I hear “Michael Row the Boat Ashore” one. more. time. I swear I might get violent. I love your picks and – sigh – Silver Springs!! Right on!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mike! What a sweet picture.
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  4. I like how you always take these blog post prompts and manipulate them to what you really wanted to write about.

    Great selection of obscure songs by well-known bands (at least Smashing Pumpkins, Fleetwood, and Genesis). I’ve always hated how we only get to hear the top 3 songs by each band on the radio. As if people can’t memorize over 150 songs in their lifetime? My iTunes is full of the entire collections of the bands I like. So if I want to hear Bohemian Rhapsody, I have to listen to the rest of A Night at the Opera, album.

    Your collection is just as eclectic as mine, and your making me want to do something similar someday. Maybe I’ll just plagiarize your words and insert my music…
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    • Muahaha. I’m tricky like that.
      Some of a well-known band’s best songs are the b-sides, I’ve found. You and I would get along great in real life, if only because you agree that one must listen to an entire album (ESPECIALLY if that album is A Night at the Opera). So many kids these days don’t have the attention span to appreciate the artistry that goes into creating an album.

  5. This is a lovely list. I’m in awe of Stevie Nicks. Have been for many years. I absolutely love that Allan Jackson song. Perfect wedding song about growing older together and all the wonderful memories. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!! Extra cool that Wild Horses was your mom and dad’s wedding song!!

  6. I love all the music you incorporated into this post! I don’t think I could have survived high school without The Smashing Pumpkins, and you had me chuckling with the memory of how we had to hunt down our music, or be so lucky as to catch it on the radio to record….DJ’s talking over it and all.

    Happy Anniversary!!
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