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S.A.D. – A Valentine’s Day Alternative — 22 Comments

  1. I love the idea of SAD. I’ve been single most Valentines Days as well, but I’ve “celebrated” tradionally by ignoring everything to do with the holiday. Today, i got to hold my son in NICU and got a card from my older son. Life feels full and complete, without having a “love
    Of my life” like in romantic novels

    • That is wonderful! To me, that is what is most fulfilling about life. Not necessarily having a love to complete you, but to do it yourself. 🙂 And I suppose having two wonderful children helps! Congratulations on your new baby!

  2. I love this! I wish I had thought of something like this when I was single. I can’t even remember what I did. I either went out and got drunk with friends or stayed in and wallowed in self-pity. I’m sure I did both. I like: “Visualize it: realize it.” I laughed out loud at that.

  3. I wish I would’ve seen this yesterday, as many of my “overly dramatic” high school girls were crying (yes, in the morning) about the fact that they didn’t have a boyfriend come Valentines Day.

    I, of course, reminded them of the history of the day, and how Hallmark was responsible for its inception (trying to knock down the significance of the day), but I didn’t give them something ELSE to celebrate. Themselves. Good advice for loneliness or happily chosen singledom.

  4. Oh yes, S.A.D. is a wonderful distraction from all that crying and self-pity. It’s funny, I wish I could tell all those young girls to just enjoy life and not worry so much over the big V-Day reminder you’re alone – when you’re older and you actually have someone to be with, it’s not all as “magical” as we’d always fantasized…

  5. I love the way you broke down S.A.D.!! My best February 14th was a S.A.D. celebration with three of my closest friends in college. We got away from the “dry” dorms to spend the night at one friend’s house to watch reruns of Buffy over a bowl full of vodka Jell-O that we dug into with spoons. It’s not S.A.D. if you’re not keeping it classy!

  6. Oh please…as if I’d cry over that movie…just because he has a terminal illness and leaves sweet romantic letters to her and it’s so touching and they love each other so much and oh man, why am I weeping like a baby?!

    You could always buy your husband a combo mitten and I guarantee you’ll both be single again within hours.
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