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Seeing as I am on an unexpected vacation, I have decided to have a little fun. Fun is something I have to remind myself to squeeze into my life, like haircuts and dentist appointments. Fun has never come naturally to me, an intense first child with goals to achieve and people to prove wrong.

However, once I have duly reminded myself to lighten up, I tend to swing the pendulum pretty far in the other direction. Of course I know how to be silly – once I’ve written it down in my day planner.

TP Hats
Me, Mel and Michele

So when I met Michele from Old Dog, New Tits and Mel from According to Mags at BlogHer, we hit it off almost immediately. They are the sort of duo who naturally radiate good times, which serves to me as a reminder, “Oh yeah, gotta pencil in some laughter today after that root canal.”

They dared me in front of the entire universe (a.k.a., on Twitter) to participate in their Ketchup blog hop, which this week meant posting a photo of my Bitchy Resting Face.

How did they know I had one? Well, they got to meet me in person, so they saw it with their own eyes.

Bitchy Resting Face (BRF), a condition from which I have suffered my entire life, is the reason people perceived me as unfriendly in high school. I am shy in large groups; combined with my BRF, this means people who don’t speak to me peg me as a snob – which I am not (except about coffee) (and maybe low-brow comedy).

I’ve written about how my BRF got me into trouble with Rod Stewart last year, so obviously this is not a condition that remedies itself over time. I’ve learned to cope with it as best I can, reminding myself to smile so I don’t look scary.

Well, except in this photo, where I look like I might kidnap somebody’s children and then force-feed them chalk.

To be fair, the lighting in Ninja was very dim. And yes I'm aware you can see my bra through my shirt. That's just a bonus for you. Unless you're a relative.

So here is a picture of my Bitchy Resting Face, in the spirit of vacation and lightening up.

This is just my face.


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