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  1. Love all the pictures! And the thought of you force-feeding kids chalk made me laugh out loud. This was hilarious!! It’s also coincidentally timely, ’cause just last week, I was telling Greg that at the the place I’ve been subbing, there’s a lady with a bitch face. For months, I really thought she was a total bitch, but this last week, I actually had a chance to spend some time with her, and she’s so nice!
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  2. This is awesome! Did you see the movie “The Kids are All Right?” It totally reminds me of this scene where the Mexican gardener is like “It’s no look. It’s just my face.” If you haven’t seen the movie this will make no sense… Anyway, I am guilty of judging people by their BRF, only to discover they were perfectly nice people after all!
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  3. Ha! I have one of those. My resting face is apparently “sulky teenager being dragged places against their will”. I quite often get asked if I’m okay, and children flee in terror 😀

  4. My wife suffers from IDWYP: which is I Disagree With Your Premise (face). I suffer from YCTASW face. Which is You Can’t Tell A Story Well. Needless to say we are both Leos and are usually forced to be the entertainment at parties because nobody else is either interesting or right enough. Maybe that just makes us both bitchy.
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