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  1. “How many cats did you take?”
    “I took 9. Yeah, I uh, I did slightly over commit to the whole cat thing. Turns out I am probably more comfortable with 6. It’s a lot, a lot of energy to deal with.” {Edited from Bridesmaids)
    **Sorry, this line came to my head when I thought of you coming home with a carful of cats.

    Abandoned animals are tough. My daughter cries every time the ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan singing comes on. “I can’t take this, daddy, turn the channel,” she says.
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  2. Who knows – maybe the homeless person was the one who built the cat shanty & was doing what could be done to feed them – who to better understand their plight?

  3. See, now this bugs me. We have (here in England) a Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, yet the one for children is only national. In shopping centres where you get given a token with your groceries to put into a box supporting a selection of local charities, the ones for animals are always fuller than the ones for people. It baffles me how we can look past our fellow man in need to help an animal.

  4. I wouldn’t assume that people just dump their cats on the beach. We’ve had many, many, many, many, too damn many cats since we moved to our current home in SoCal. It’s just impossible to keep them confined to the house. They go through the screens and get out. We’ve finally surrendered, no more cats.
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    • No, I’m sure they aren’t all abandoned – many are probably feral. But that was my initial reaction after seeing that sign. Seriously, who dumps their animal in the city, expecting it to end up like Born Free?

  5. I always want to adopt them all too. A couple of years ago a family of seven kittens and a mama came over to visit and we adopted the littlest of the bunch who sadly died two days later. I wanted to take them all and find them homes. The post office up the street takes them in and they have a small pack of them behind the counter. Mascots.
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