Venetian Light


Twilight last night found me doing something out of the norm. Usually I’d be on my butt watching The Wire and eating an indifferent dinner around this time, but after work my husband changed out of his business casual and headed … Continue reading →

Let That Be Enough


Perpetual dissatisfaction marked my childhood. The neighborhoods I grew up in were too sterile, too full of cement and subdivisions. There was nothing left to explore; nothing that hadn’t already been tracked, catalogued and secured by adults. I could never properly … Continue reading →

The Un-Recap BlogHer Recap


I arrived alone, and I left alone. In between I built on past relationships and set the foundation for new ones, but ultimately it was me. Alone. Like I am all day, every day. Just me. Instead of sharing a … Continue reading →

In France: A World Cup Story

France vs. Italy, World Cup Final

France, 2006. My sister and I were on a we’re in our early 20’s so why the hell not? adventure, back before either of us had been bitten by too much cynicism and the economy was still friendly enough toward young ladies … Continue reading →

Une Serviette and Other Words

St Malo Beach

Running out of tissue while in a foreign country is exactly my sort of predicament. I had been walking around the citadel all morning, and now I headed toward the peninsula where the naval memorial stood. I wondered if it … Continue reading →

Rocky Mountain High


Armed with my black pen and handmade journal, I am sitting out on the back deck, which overlooks the Rocky Mountains. The peaks are covered in snow – an unfamiliar element to these native Angeleña eyes –and I keep gazing out at them, hoping they’ll … Continue reading →

Ride of a Lifetime

me on bike

“So, see: clutch, front brake, your back brake is down there, and here is where you shift.” He demonstrated with each punctuation, squeezing handles and pointing to various pedals. The bike stood silently, a lime-green beast that looked as if … Continue reading →

Las Vegas, City with No Poetry


Las Vegas is a city with no poetry. When people suggest going there, I groan inside, usually followed by a lengthy protest. “Eh…I don’t know…,” I hem and haw, not wanting to hurt the person’s feelings but still wanting to … Continue reading →

Guess Where

photo 5

Just so you know, this is a stand-in post. It’s not a real post. I miss you and this blog like crazy right now, but I wouldn’t want to lie to you guys and let you believe this is my … Continue reading →

Good in a Crisis


With another subtle glance over my shoulder, I nudged my sister. “They’re still there?” she whispered, without moving her lips. I nodded slightly. Walking back to our hotel from the café, we had just finished watching Les Bleus win yet another game … Continue reading →