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  1. How you mentioned you hadn’t spoken english since the tourists you ran into, from your hometown. Isn’t that weird how that happens? That always seems to happen to me. I went to Paris and sat next to some family and the kid was wearing a t-shirt that said my city and state. What?! I tried like heck to tell them but my french is limited to maybe a few sorry sentences. They looked at me like I was crazy. lol

    Loved this, I felt like I was right there with ya!
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  2. I often struggle to get an english word from my brain to my tongue, never mind another language. I am sadly untraveled – not even so far as Quebec which is really only a ten hour drive away with family along the way that I could stop and visit. Someday maybe.
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  3. “Un papier pour les mains…”

    hilarious! i totally know what you mean… i often find myself in the same predicament, dancing around the words i don’t know by using the most ridiculous descriptions and receiving bewildered confused looks.

    and i love the loire river valley! its so beautiful there.
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  4. Lovely as always. You’re slowly changing the way I see France. I must admit, someday, I will probably go there, and probably like it, and I’m okay with that, now that I’m in my mid-30s.

    Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Life got in the way of my writing and visiting others. I’m trying to not let that happen again.
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