I get anxious if I don’t write anything on this space for too long. It probably has to do with my abandonment issues and fear that everyone will leave me if I don’t at least show up every once in a while to say hi.


Eventually I’m sure I’ll get over them. My issues, I mean. Last year I would’ve set my alarm for 5 am to crank out a post, no matter how busy I was, but NO MORE. My sleep is more important to me than my craving for popularity.

Progress, no?

So here’s a list of what’s been keeping me so busy I haven’t blogged all week.

  1. I repainted most of the house. I am actually such a skilled painter that I’m considering it for my twilight career. What color, you ask? The exact same color. It needed a refresher because…
  2. SELLING THE HOUSE. I’m emotionally fragile over this process, so I’m not going to go into detail. But yeah, selling a house takes a lot of time, and I have never done it before so it’s extra terrifying.
  3. Finding a new house (see #2).
  4. Job-hunt related activities, including searching, querying, taking BS “pre-interview” tests (which I have henceforth deemed utter horse shit), etc. Monday I get to drive out to L.A. For an interview, so hooray for Monday morning rush-hour traffic!
  5. My sister and nephew are in town. Squee.
  6. Working on unpaid freelance work. Gotta keep that resume active.

See? I’ve been busy. But I found out this week that I won BlogHer’s Voice of the Year for this post, which provided enough excitement that it’s as if I actually blogged this week. I almost cried, and I definitely screamed. It was validating to know that a job that made me so miserable resulted in such an amazing honor. It almost makes it all worth it…

I wrote other places, too, so you can visit me there if you want. Subjects discussed: third-wave feminism and Kathleen Hanna, feminism in general and Hollywood starlets screwing it up, why real estate in California sucks.

Next week should be a little more normal, thank goodness. I need to write to stay moderately sane.

I guess that makes me a writer.

Another reason I haven’t been blogging


Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging — 42 Comments

  1. What is it with cats and laptops? The worst is when they hit some weird key combo I never knew existed and then I have to call tech support (my oldest son) and he gets all pissy with me because why can’t I just close the lid.

    Congratulations on your Blog Her win!
    Vanessa D. recently posted…Dear Mr. TrudeauMy Profile

  2. I didn’t go anywhere – I’m just a bit late 🙂

    Well done for VOTY. If that doesn’t make you think you’re a writer, nothing will 🙂

    Good luck with the house buying and selling and interview and all the other things you’re juggling at the moment 🙂
    Considerer recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful #47My Profile

  3. Congrats Nat!!! You and Linda were just he topic of fri night vid chat…everyone is really happy for you…I recal lthat post…you ARE A WRITER!!!!

  4. I’m new to the blogtastic world of blogging, so I had to educate myself on what BlogHer was and VOTY.

    DAMN GIRL! Awesome. The story you earned it with really hit close to home with me. I hold three degrees in vocal performance-Opera. Upon hearing that, people usually respond with the kind of silence that seems to amplify the sound of crickets in the distance. I always quickly change the subject, since the next thing they say is “sing something for me!” (I never do.)

    I’ve also got some experience with addictive substances and the inevitable suffering they cause. Someone who hasn’t gone through it (ex. your co-worker, my bitchy mother-in-law) will never understand. You were smart.

  5. Let me add my congratulations on the Blog Her award!

    Good luck with the job interview (and the traffic).

    When we put our house on the market six years ago, I cried when we got an offer. The sale never happened. The next time we put our house on the market, which was 4 1/2 years ago, we got an offer in four days and moved within three weeks. I was better prepared for the sale the second time around. The toughest part was Realtors, who gave us a really short notice or no notice at all. I have two Old English Sheepdogs and I also had a cat at the time. My floors always had hair gathering somewhere that needed vacuuming. Honestly, I cleaned house every day we were on the market. Once my husband got out of the shower and heard people in the house. The Realtor hadn’t called ahead. My husband told him off and kicked him out, and told his clients to find someone else. I hope your house sale and house hunting are a good experience for you. A good Realtor makes all the difference.
    Robin recently posted…It’s All About Me – Share Your WorldMy Profile

  6. The reason I haven’t been blogging is that my job is a soul sucking, lying, silver tongued manipulator that stole my creative mojo by exhausting me, and then leaving me out to rot. Maybe I should write a blog about it.

    I like your endeavors more. I did, like you, paint my walls…however, not the same color, and only with a small hope that someday I will sell this house.
    Chris Plumb recently posted…Getting the Pink Slip Again: A Short Story.My Profile

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