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Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I get anxious if I don’t write anything on this space for too long. It probably has to do with my abandonment issues and fear that everyone will leave me if I don’t at least show up every once in a while to say hi.


Eventually I’m sure I’ll get over them. My issues, I mean. Last year I would’ve set my alarm for 5 am to crank out a post, no matter how busy I was, but NO MORE. My sleep is more important to me than my craving for popularity.

Progress, no?

So here’s a list of what’s been keeping me so busy I haven’t blogged all week.

  1. I repainted most of the house. I am actually such a skilled painter that I’m considering it for my twilight career. What color, you ask? The exact same color. It needed a refresher because…
  2. SELLING THE HOUSE. I’m emotionally fragile over this process, so I’m not going to go into detail. But yeah, selling a house takes a lot of time, and I have never done it before so it’s extra terrifying.
  3. Finding a new house (see #2).
  4. Job-hunt related activities, including searching, querying, taking BS “pre-interview” tests (which I have henceforth deemed utter horse shit), etc. Monday I get to drive out to L.A. For an interview, so hooray for Monday morning rush-hour traffic!
  5. My sister and nephew are in town. Squee.
  6. Working on unpaid freelance work. Gotta keep that resume active.

See? I’ve been busy. But I found out this week that I won BlogHer’s Voice of the Year for this post, which provided enough excitement that it’s as if I actually blogged this week. I almost cried, and I definitely screamed. It was validating to know that a job that made me so miserable resulted in such an amazing honor. It almost makes it all worth it…

I wrote other places, too, so you can visit me there if you want. Subjects discussed: third-wave feminism and Kathleen Hanna, feminism in general and Hollywood starlets screwing it up, why real estate in California sucks.

Next week should be a little more normal, thank goodness. I need to write to stay moderately sane.

I guess that makes me a writer.

Another reason I haven’t been blogging


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