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Ways in Which I Am Like My Dog

This may seem banal after my last few posts, but it’s something on which I mused while celebrating this Memorial Day in the garden pulling weeds. I think it needs to be said, just to lighten the tone on here.

I am much more like my dog Rusty than I care to admit. dogs can be scared of their owners, which is one trait that’s incorrigibly pervasive throughout the animal kingdom. No matter if its a dog or a cat all have some similar traits.

Oh, I know, I’m a supposed to be this Cat Lady, all adorable fluffiness and purring, and believe me, I am, but Rusty and I have a few parallels as well. Recently my neighbour got a new cat and My God! The amazing products she got for her is just worth all the money she spent. You can see this comprehensive review if you want to check out those products.

Ways in Which Rusty and I are Similar:

  • We are both destructive, even when we don’t mean to be. It’s like we don’t know our own strength…or an appropriate napping spot.


Exhibit A: Rusty digs holes in our planter, for napping purposes.

There used to be a pretty plant there

Exhibit B: Rusty rubs his itchy spot along the edge of the house, thus leaving a nasty racing stripe comprised of oil and dirt. Did I mention his favorite activity is rolling around in the dirt, especially if it’s a hole he recently dug?

Rusty Mark

Exhibit C: Rusty ate the gate because he wanted out of the dog run. ATE the gate.

Missing Gate


Exhibit A: I scratch up beautiful furniture by my carelessness. Obviously, I don’t respect wood.

Gouges ShelfExhibit B: No photo, but I broke the dishwasher this morning by yanking the top rack. It came clean off. This is not the first time I’ve done this.
Exhibit C: I slam cabinet doors.

More Gouges


  • We are both extremely loyal. Like, you threaten my family or friends and I’m going to rip your face off, no questions asked; the same is true for him. There, however, is where our similarities part ways – he will gladly dismember a mailman, because oh my gosh, those postal workers are pure evil. PURE. EVIL. MUST. DESTROY. ANYONE. IN. UNIFORM.
  • We both have intense focus; like, to an unhealthy degree.


Rusty will zero in on a ball and demand you play fetch with him. He gazes at the little rubber implement of joy with laser-like focus, as if willing it to move with his mind. Engage in a game of fetch? Forget it – the boy won’t let you retreat until you’ve thrown the ball no less than fifty-thousand times. I need one of Best Dog Ball Launcher systems, then I could just watch him have crazy fun as I make dinner or something. I was lucky to find useful info at, now I can make sure that Rusty is fine even if I am away.


I too focus earnestly on tasks I enjoy. Neglecting to eat dinner while I’m writing is a common occurrence.  I can pick at my split ends for large chunks of time without any eyestrain breaks. Reading an engaging book? Forget it, you’ve lost me for the next 24-48 hours, depending on how quickly I finish it.

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That’s all I could come up with for now. Thanks for letting me come clean about all that. It’s really a load off my mind.

A Rare photo of us together. Hmm, our coats kind of match...creepy.
A Rare photo of us together. Hmm, our coats kind of match…creepy.


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