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  1. nice chronologicizing!* It does make for interesting reflection (the movies we are drawn to at different stages of life), not only for what they seem to (have) represented, but for how we (at that time) perceived the world around us.

    * not a real word
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  2. I love, love, love Amélie! My all time favorite movie is Harold and Maude though. I’ve probably seen it 20 times.

    If you liked American Beauty, you should check out The Ice Storm. It’s similar in theme, but set in the early 1970’s – directed by Ang Lee.
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  3. Age 6: Comedy is not Pretty (Steve Martin TV special from 1980)
    Age 8: Goonies
    Age 10: Princess Bride
    Age 12: Stand By Me/Better Off Dead
    Age 14: Jurassic Park
    Age 16: Shawshank Redemption
    Age 18: Tommy Boy
    Age 19: Rushmore
    Age 20: Blood Simple (started taking Film as Lit)
    Age 24: Saving Private Ryan
    Age 30: Whatever Pixar movie my kids want to watch
    Age 34: No longer have favorites…
    (we boys have different lists don’t we).
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  4. Oh, Amelie! Love that film — like other commenters haven’t watched it in ages (may need to pop that in the ol’ DVR tonight).

    Funny, I had a Mike Myers phase as well, So I Married an Axe-Murderer? Brilliant.
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    • Casablanca has always held the number two spot for me. Maybe in that way, it is my true favorite – a constant throughout my life?
      I never thought Bohemian Rhapsody was written for the movie, but the movie was my gateway for discovering Queen…

  5. You wrote: ” I can watch Amélie without the subtitles and it reveals itself to me like an opera.” YES!! Sometimes I watch it without just to let the French flow through me while I pick up a sentence or two. It is such a work of beauty, in ways that remind of “Like Water For Chocolate.”

    My favorite Amelie line: “Times are hard for dreamers.” Rang true then, rings true now, always will. It’s what dreaming is all about, and brings me solace on dark days.
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  6. My techy, Greg, wanted to purge our lives of DVDs and replace them with BluRays. Amelie is one that I refuse to let go of until I have a replacement. It’s my happy place movie! And can you imagine how beautiful the colors would be in Blu Ray? I’ve yet to come across it in Best Buy, so I haven’t replaced it. I’ll probably order it online one of these days, but my current DVD comes in the cutest little peep hole box that I can’t bear to get rid of, so Greg’s just gonna have to deal with a DVD sitting on our shelves of BluRays.
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