Photo courtesy of Steven Lewis

When I Left you alone You grew large, expanding Until you seeped through all my heart’s Chambers. When I Indulged the fantasy, dreaming Of leaving, you cajoled With verses from Afar. – – – This is my attempt at a mirror cinquain … Continue reading →


The Mimi

As she stares out the window, enraptured by chirping teases, Her tail swishing against the sill with absent brushing flicks, So I gaze at the yellowing images; Places I have been and Places I long to be, A dream deferred Too … Continue reading →

Sherlock Mom


Only a white lie. Colored in, embellished. Harmless, really. She doesn’t need to know the extent of it. She asks questions with a poker face. She’s a pro. Her expressionless look signals I change my teenaged tactics, quickly. She always finds out. … Continue reading →

Sitting on the Curb


The possibilities stretch out before me in infinite patterns I count and rearrange them, twiddling Until they vanish, one by one Some wink out instantly Some slowly fade As I sit on the curb And wonder which to put in … Continue reading →

Las Vegas, City with No Poetry


Las Vegas is a city with no poetry. When people suggest going there, I groan inside, usually followed by a lengthy protest. “Eh…I don’t know…,” I hem and haw, not wanting to hurt the person’s feelings but still wanting to … Continue reading →

A Box of Photos


There was a loud crash in the hallway After pulling out the Parcheesi And other dusty boxes that House fragments of faded memories Falling to the floor                             The photos Spill from the carton                             Fluttering To rest on the floor – … Continue reading →


He only did one thing well, creeping in When the moon rose plump as a melon, ripe With terrors shrieking in riotous din, Visions provoking tears which none may wipe. Tinkering about while she dreams, he oh So slightly tweaks … Continue reading →

Deep are the Memories: A Poem

Dancing in the Surf

She sank into the depths of her memories Which cushioned her as she plucked them one by one From the cavernous heart that remembered how It felt to twirl in the surf and awaken At dawn to see the sun rise over … Continue reading →

Independent Reflections


The sunscreen glues to my skin Caking my pores The soft down of my arms laced with Traces of thick white fondant. I lay on the deck Sunning myself like a lizard On New Mexican granite The heat reflects off … Continue reading →