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How to Survive a Layoff — 40 Comments

  1. I picture you in your yoga pants painting with a latte mustache on your upper lip and not worrying your cabeza because guess what? I have a job for you! I’m hiring you to rebuild all the six billion piece Lego Star Wars ships my 7yo smashes to bits the minute it’s put together. You can start with the millennium falcon. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰
    Linda Roy recently posted…The I Don’t Like Mondays Blog Hop:My Profile

  2. You…you have a Lego Millennium Falcon? That rocks πŸ™‚

    This is a great list and very inspiring. A week ago I would’ve needed it, but I’m living proof that it *is* possible to get a job in a recession.

    Don’t lose heart – you’ll get there.
    Considerer recently posted…Shadows across my heartMy Profile

  3. I totally need to print this list out, ’cause I’m beginning to lose my mind! Also, SO much to comment on about this, but I will do my best to limit it. πŸ™‚

    PJ pants and boxers (for this heat) are my staple clothing accessories. And the bathing. Oh the bathing. I’m a dirty hippy, so I only shower every other day normally (when I don’t run). Tack on unemployment, and you’re looking at one dirty monkey some weeks! I should set a shower alarm.

    I started off my unemployment learning Spanish, cross stitching, and beginning a blog. I’ve only maintained one, and have since accomplished watching an embarrassing amount of entire television series. I’m dusting off my Rosetta Stone tomorrow!

    And speaking of froyo…can that be our woman date, ’cause now I have a mad craving!
    Ericamos recently posted…A Sunrise in the MountainsMy Profile

    • Yes, I have quasi-yoga-pant shorts that are quite comfy in the heat.
      Every-other day bathing is acceptable too, but the people who need to bathe more often know who they are… πŸ˜‰
      I am always in the mood for frozen yogurt, even in the winter when it’s raining/sleeting/freezing, because I am a weirdo about frozen desserts.

  4. You do know how much that Millenium Falcon set is worth on eBay, right? It could easily get you out of any financial troubles. I have the smaller Lego version, (only worth a few hundred) and it might make for a fun afternoon while I’m swearing at the employment depts. at local school districts. (Swearing helps attain employment in school districts, because they always hire the lowest character people first). Oh crap, my bitterness is showing, better go get some ice cream.
    Chris plumb recently posted…What I’ve Learned in 1 Year of BloggingMy Profile

  5. Good advise but add networking. Use those froyo trips to stay in touch with people you worked with including those who were also just laid off as they may find an employer who has more job openings. You are more likely to find a job though some you know – long before you find one on the Internet.

  6. I know where you’re coming from in this piece. I decided to take six months off from working and had one heck of a time finding something to go back to. I blogged and wrote and met a lot of good people that pulled me into their groups. Some turned out to be great friends, and others just users. The hardest thing I had to do was follow a sleep schedule. In fact, I loved writing all night and sleeping much of the day. Of course, job interviews aren’t held at night (unless you’re a stripper or bouncer … and I didn’t have the body for either of those). Good job!
    Rich Rumple recently posted…Ten… No, Eleven Reasons I’m Not Going To FlogHer … Er … BlogHerMy Profile

  7. Ugh, I’m so sorry that you have to go through the whole layoff thing. I graduated law school in 2008, and had to deal with the exact same thing. It totally sucks, but it’s only temporary. In the meantime, absolutely nothing wrong with a little 24, and some spoonfuls of Nutella πŸ™‚
    Samantha Brinn Merel recently posted…Shelter From The StormMy Profile

  8. Really great tips and I appreciate the humor throughout as well. I’m sorry to hear that you’re an expert at unemployment (I actually went through a stage of that as well…it was so hard, finding a new job and then getting downsized within the year). Things will pick up and hang in there! I really enjoyed this post a lot and you’re right – keeping positive is HUGE. I remember one layoff that was particularly hard for me. There was a day my dad called to see if he could take me to lunch. That invitation snapped me out of a 4-day showerless funk (thank you dad).
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Music and memories from the 90′sMy Profile

  9. Funny but oh so true! I’ve hit most of those steps with the exception of the yoga pants each time one of my contracts ended and I didn’t have another one lined up.

    Sorry I’m tardy making it here from the Humor Me! Blog Hop. Life and all that… πŸ˜€
    Terrye recently posted…Cover Me In WishesMy Profile

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