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  1. I JUST came back from Colorado, my first time ever. And I could not stop singing your blog post title. The whole time. John Denver has way more meaning now. 🙂 I totally feel and smell everything that you described as it’s so fresh in my mind. It is gorgeous and inspiring there! I definitely would love to take a trip back there, even if it means landing with all those darn air pockets in Denver.

    I bet the music you made with colorado in your heart is stunning!
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  2. My dad lives in Colorado so I have been there a bunch of times and I can well imagine how the complete 180º in surroundings (pine trees for palm trees, mountains for ocean, clean air for smog) would shake loose your forgotten song-writing spirit. What a great trip.
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  3. Ah, I was singing as I read this. Colorado… I spent a summer there with my Aunt working as a tour guide at The Lost Gold Mine. You never know where the road will take you Natalie, so don’t be too sure that LA will always be home.

    I love the lyricism in this post (see what I did there?) It is much needed reinforcement for me to live in the now.

  4. What a gorgeous, positive post. I stay worried about you so I’m glad you found this.

    I write songs too. I wrote 12 of them for my first book, the Helene one. I’m glad we share that.
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  5. This is beautiful and resonated so deeply with me. I am a native of the blue waters of Pure Michigan, living in NYC for the past three years. You described so richly the dichotomy between urban life and the soul soothing richness of wide open spaces and fresh air. Every summer when we visit family in MI, I find a part of me coming back to life. And like you, the anxiety and depression slips away. But yet for me, there is something about the city that keeps drawing me back.

    I love this piece.

  6. Not very long ago, one of your Yeah Write posts was a poem and I felt bad for not commenting on it, but poetry always seems to go right over my head. Not being able to comment on that poem had my thinking one day about why I couldn’t seem to ever understand poetry and I decided that the next time I saw a poem, I would try to see it as the lyrics for a song. Then you posted this and it makes perfect sense to me that you write songs.
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  7. OMG I freaking LIVE in this great state, now I feel guilty for not writing something (forget about something good, just something at all) daily! Seriously though, there is something special about Colorado. I visited once and thought maybe I could move here. A year and a half later I visited again and within two months I had packed up my car and moved out here. It sounds so woo-woo to say but I had this feeling when I visited here that I’d never felt anywhere else, this feeling of “I should live here.”
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    • Haha, well if I were there everyday, I don’t know…
      And that’s so amazing! I’ve had that feeling before, I just didn’t move while I had the chance. Lesson learned: don’t let the chance pass you by.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful writing and you so wonderfully captured the feeling of getting lost in the day to day and coming close to losing your muse. That’s what it felt like to me. I was up to my eyeballs in the maintenance of life and forgot to write songs and be creative. I haven’t been to Colorado since I was too young to really appreciate it on the level you describe here, but man, would I love to go back. Sounds like bliss and from the pictures, it looks like it too.

    • It was as close to bliss as I’ve been lately. And I get too caught up in the maintenance of life, too, and what I “should” be doing. I am sick of living according to “shoulds.”

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