Camping on the Beach — 14 Comments

  1. That sounds lovely!

    I remember those camping trips with my family; the crackle of the campfire, the smoke on your clothes, the salt in your hair and the peace of deep breathing. Space and time to do nothing and revel in it. Not having to rush off to do something “worthwhile”.

    Have a sweet trip.

  2. What a lovely tradition! Enjoy your time…we will all be here when you get back. Just returned from vacation myself and slowly getting back into the groove.

  3. My family just escaped to the coast for the day, and for the first time in years, it was beautiful. No gale force winds, sudden rainstorms, or small tsunamis to force us off the sand after twenty minutes.

    I even read 40 pages of Richard Ford’s Canada. I never get to read anywhere, except in my bed at 11:43 pm when everyone else is asleep, so reading when actual light exists was a nice novelty.

    I’m sorry your little paradise has been discovered. I’ve experienced this a number of times. To bad squatter’s rights don’t exist for campsites.

    • I know. It’s truly the only time I’ve ever wanted to say, “But I was here first!”
      Glad you got in a little R&R. I know that parents have little time for books. While I was reading on the beach, my sister told me to enjoy it while I can; she can never sit down long enough to focus on a book.

  4. I’m incredibly jealous! Both that you are camping right now, and that you have a family tradition of camping each year. I’m sad to hear that your campground is becoming overrun. Enjoy the years you have left, and maybe venture out one of the days in search of a new hidden campground. 😉

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