The Knots Taking Over — 36 Comments

  1. I wonder what an Ents attack is called. Whatever the opposite of a blitzkrieg is. Maybe, an Italian attack? (slow, obvious, and methodical).

    Anyway, I need a message…but having kids, I just let them walk on my back. Not quite good…but somewhat effective.

    Way to take care of yourself. Have you decided on the blog convention yet?

  2. I haven’t had one in so long either. I used to be pretty much unable to look to the right, my neck would get so tight on that side. I’m less stressed now, but I am sure I would love one.

  3. Ohhh it’s been SO long since I had a massage! I’m a CNA in a nursing home, and I have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder region and I KNOW I need a massage. I’ve known it for months. So maybe I’ll see about that this week. Why do we DO this to ourselves?

  4. In theory I want a massage but i’m not a fan of strangers touching me. i can only manage a pedicure every 6 months or so because ..touching. You do make it sound very appealing and i hope you don’t wait as long next time

  5. that sounds heavenly. the lat massage i got, i got a beating as well. but i won’t give up. i’ll be back to be rubbed down, cause it’s so good. i’m making an appointment. you sold me. 🙂

  6. I’ve only ever had a massage once…after I ran a marathon. While that was the perfect time to indulge, and I loved every bit of it, I really want to go for a de-stresser massage, so that’s what I’m going to spend the rest of my gift card on. 🙂

  7. A little more business for the mausseuse. I consider it maintenance even though I have not had a massage in a year. Makes me want to set an appointment. However, I will delay and delay and delay.

  8. ” I generally like to put off massages until I am in excruciating pain.” Too funny. I think I have a massage gift certificate sitting on my shelf too. But if we could only have one once a month. I think getting rid of that tension is one of the most medicinal things we can do for our bodies.

  9. Every time I get a massage I swear I’ll get them more often. Then I don’t. I’m so with you on this! Although, it would be better if we took the time for what we needed more often, wouldn’t it? Hope your back is feeling better!

  10. I’m long overdue myself for a massage and I think you just shoved me over the relaxed edge to call tomorrow for an appointment.

  11. I really love your post. It’s just how we are, we end up avoiding pampering ourselves (not so much of pampering but an actual need, in your case) thinking, sometimes being guilty for the indulgence. But you went ahead and did it, and I can even imagine how much you must be in discomfort, that you teared up when you were finally relieved of it. Great post.:)

  12. The Ent back–yes! I am like this with the chiropractor during pregnancy. I wait til I almost can’t walk, then stumble in and beg to be fixed. It usually works…for a few days. Things may have changed since our grandparents’ heyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great thing! Glad you were able to enjoy and get de-knotted.

  13. I love the comparison to the ents! This post itself was very relaxing, if that makes any sense.
    I’m a weirdo. I have a gift card for a massage that’s been sitting in my drawer for two years. You’ve inspired me to finally go!

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