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How to Plan a Camping Trip, Natalie-Style — 12 Comments

  1. Ha! I feel like I’ve over-planned my week before a vacation once – not camping though, that’s even worse because camping requires so much planning. Fun post!

  2. Sounds like my life every time I try to do something important or out of the ordinary. Only when you’ve been married for almost ten years, I get to blame half of these on my spouse, and my spouse will blame the rest on me…so no sleeping in the car ride, but arguing instead.

    Don’t worry, that’s part of the fun of vacations.

    • Oh, we’ve participated in our fair share of blame…;) And it turns out, I didn’t sleep on the car ride – I drove. I crashed later, though, and fell asleep on the beach. I now have unsightly tan lines from poorly applied sunscreen.

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