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  1. *cringes* I hate when people have to compromise for a “grown up” job. This was so beautifully written, Natalie. As always. Made me sad for many people, most specifically the hubs who grunts through a very stressful job every day and never brings it home, all so I can raise the boys and be a writer. *heart squeeze* Someday I’ll buy him that bike shop in Durango, Colorado.
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  2. Oh! Oh, no! Go back, GO BACK! This made me so incredibly sad. I was a piano player, and I always wish I hadn’t quit when I did. My love for the piano makes me tearful sometimes. Maybe you’ll write about it again next month? I’ll be here, waiting.
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  3. I worked in construction sales for 8 years before finally landing my current gig – project manager for a communications company ending in ‘ola, in 2004. I’m older than you so when I was your age, I was miserable. I was selling concrete, hating it, and wanting to use my degree – communications and of course, write.

    All I can say, and this is coming from your much older, kinda like a brother, writer friend, is that things will work out. Because you’re talented, motivated, and deserving,.

    Hang in there
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  4. The older I get, the more I realize “grown-up jobs” are for suckers. Boring, uncreative, lifeless suckers. Sure we all, to an extent, need that grown-up job but nearly every single one of does nothing but make us miserable. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? For the appearance of being responsible? Pulled together? Blech.

    I can relate to your frustration in all of this and I sure as heck would be as well if I was going through this. I get a little pressure from school to decide a career but thankfully I keep most of it at bay, somehow.

    Crossing my fingers for you in landing a decent job soon enough. Hopefully one that doesn’t make life a living hell for you.
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  5. I love this post so much. I too postponed my dreams to pursue a “grown up job” because I thought it was the logical thing to do. I hear from my employees all the time that they need to branch out and find grown up jobs. At least you had the mind to realize that a grown up job is something that puts food on your table and joy in your heart. Cheers!
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  6. Ah man! You make a great piano teacher.
    Life ain’t easy. There are always choices to second guess and paths we don’t travel. Be we usually end up being exactly where we need to be. Lovely post.
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  7. Natalie! I was a piano performance major in college for two years! I used to love to play the piano. I would spend 8 hours a day practicing. I remember going to my lessons and when all of that practice didn’t produce the beautiful results during that one hour, I would break down. I so miss my piano. When we moved, we just didn’t have room for it. Thank you for the beautiful trip down memory lane.
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  8. hello! i randomly clicked on your post through Yeah Write and didn’t expect such a lovely post…i could totally relate though, because i teach piano too. i definitely have those “you didn’t practice.. AGAIN?!” moments… i have a 6 yr old student who pretty much cries every other week whenever she feels like the lesson is too hard. *sigh* but you’re right.. when they finally churn out a song that actually sounds like music, it’s as though i can hear heaven’s chorus singing “Hallelujah!” =D
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  9. oh this is so disheartening. i am so sad for you and for the compromises you have to make. can you go back to piano teaching? around here, it pays 5x that an hour, more.. with no overtime expected and you could write on your own time. i hate that help wanted ad soo much!!
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  10. Don’t you find it ridiculous applying for mid-level jobs where the employers ask for as much as if you were applying for senior management?

    Have you thought about taking in students again? At least you would be doing something that makes you happy.
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  11. Such a beautiful post. Being a grown up has to be about the biggest sham ever. If I had known what it would be like, sometimes I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been so excited to get here. I know something amazing is waiting for you. Also, the piano is my most favorite instrument. I tried to learn to play, but I am so musically challenged it isn’t funny. I would love to hear you play some time.
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  12. Great post, Natalie. Finding the balance between doing what we love and loving what we do – it’s so hard. My partner studied music in college and worked as an accompanist for a year or so after she graduated, and it broke her – she found that making music for a living was so stressful that she couldn’t enjoy it. We still have a piano, but she rarely plays. 🙁 I hope you dust off the keys often, just for your own peace and sanity.
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  13. Are you where you’re meant to be? Adunno. Life is On Purpose, and all that, but sometimes sucky crap happens and we just have to try to take the good from it, whatever meagre scrapings of good we can find.

    That’s not WHY these things happen – we’re collateral damage, but whilst they occur, we have choices.

    I’ve made horrendous business choices which resulted in us being nearly homeless several times. Shit happens.

    But I do so hope you get a job soon.
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  14. Aw, Natalie, I hate that you have to look for a grownup job. I want you to be able to live off of doing what you love (not that I necessarily do either although I have traded travel and stress and 70 hour weeks for 1/5 of the pay and that was totally worth it). Sigh. Here’s to hoping the very best of both worlds comes your way – grow-up job pay doing something you really really love. Sigh. And hugs.
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  15. The more grown-up I get the more I wonder if the whole “real job” thing isn’t just an elaborate hoax. So many things like teaching piano lessons or writing or whatnot are so fulfilling and, while you don’t pull down $$$, you make ends meet. Especially in a world where “sensible” jobs pay $13/hr, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth growing up at all.
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  16. Oh my, my search for a “grown up” job has taken me in many directions. My final decision was that my job didn’t need to represent my day-to-day happiness, just something that I enjoyed. I wish you the best in finding a similar fit/peace in your life. I discovered the search was much easier when my job no longer needed to be my “passion.” There were other outlets for that.
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  17. This post reminds me that I am about to finish grad school and it is expected of me to get a grown up job after I graduate. I’m only two months away and have little motivation to send out my resume this summer. Ugh!
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  18. I played the piano as a child (guitar now), but i still sit in awe when a true master sits and plays a classical piece. Still love the instrument. I tried to give lessons to some kids on various instruments and realized my tolerance for annoying is very low. So I became a teacher in the real world. What was i thinking? Some days, when the class is about to lose it, i put on some Bach (or others) and think of a tropical beach, and I want to be mute, and explore forbidden fant…oh wait…That’s the plot of The Piano.
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  19. I’ve been applying for some jobs here and there for the past few years, and yes, the requirements and lack of response are getting ridiculous. I even recently applied for a supervisory position in another district, doing my same job that I have 13 years of experience with, and sending it to my boss’ boss who acknowledged receipt. Yet, that was 3 weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing since. So frustrating. Have you thought about going back to the music? It sounds like you miss it and it might make you happy. Just a thought.
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    • It is incredibly frustrating. Sigh.
      Yeah, I’ve thought about it, and even tried to for a while. But my network has shrunk so much, and I didn’t leave on the best of terms. I’d have to start from the bottom up again, which doesn’t sound all that appealing.

  20. Oh, I can so relate to this Nat. I taught guitar, and after that, worked a series of mind numbing, soul crushing temp jobs. But I know that with your smarts and talent you’ll find something that makes you happy and makes the most of your abilities. Hang in there my friend.
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