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Freedom is the Best — 33 Comments

  1. Yes! I love that you are loving your days and finding the time to do the things that matter for you! There is not enough time in this life for soul crushing jobs or soul crushing schedules, no matter what we have talked ourselves into thinking that affords us. Keep at it, girl.
    Ilene recently posted…What If I Told YouMy Profile

  2. Yes yes yes. I love that you’ve found this passion and time to exercise. I haven’t found the balance yet. I thought I had it once my son was born. But then, he went to school and I thought I needed to work. Which is also when I remembered how much I need to write. You’re doing a great job. I love this and the photo of you? Kicksass!!!
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Being Here is the Best Part of My DayMy Profile

  3. I am so happy for you that you can finally do what you were meant to do with your life—write. I am finally free, too, after many years of boring jobs. The money isn’t so great in our family but like you, I wake each morning excited to get into my writing…whereas before I dreaded each day when the alarm went off. I have to believe that the financial sacrifice will be worth it in the end.
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  4. Aww, that is AWESOME! It sounds like vacation. I went on vacation for a week with my husband before we had kids. We were in Orlando and he was going to a convention. I tagged along and did the things you mentioned during that vacation. I read (by the pool), walked, jogged, wrote, ate at a few local restaurants at a leisure pace – LOVED it! One of the best vacations I’ve ever had. You’re living it! Good luck on your new career! You’re a great writer, so you should do well.
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  5. Enjoy this time! I miss my unemployment. I was just beginning to get used to the freelance lifestyle when I got hired in Redondo Beach. It’s crazy, but I’m actually thinking of quitting my “steady” employment so that I can go back to subbing and freelance. I miss blogging and reading blogs (although I know the main reason for its absence was wedding planning). Even though unemployment took its toll on my psyche, the freelance was making me feel better about myself, and I enjoyed the freeness. That picture of you is SPOT on to how it feels! I envy you. 🙂
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