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  1. Good for you! The great dilemma always seems to be: settle or not. Settle for a crappy job that pays the bills, or hang on to the free time that allows you to do what truly makes you happy? It can be a difficult choice. But in the end, happy always trumps settling!

  2. Having this dilemma right now while I search for a career versus just a job. Money/security but soul-sucking or something fulfilling but not well-paying? So hard! Loved this. x

  3. My current job is so boring, but I love having a set schedule and being able to leave and forget about. After my last job of overtime and a horrible boss, I’d much rather have the boring.
    For those people that have found the perfect job, I wish them well. For the rest of us, we have to decide what is most important to us.

  4. I love my work. I make some compromises for my job. But not so many that I can’t love my work. It wasn’t always this way for me. You made the right choice.

  5. For love or money, sigh. I know this feeling, and I’ve always chosen the least profitable option. You really captured the stifling feeling of sitting in that office with her. Jobs with mountains of paperwork are so tedious!

  6. Please tell me you walked out, grabbed the 3-in-one malfunctioning printer, took it to an abandoned field and beat the holy living overtime/board meeting crap out it while listening to culturally insensitive rap music. You did that right?

  7. Oh, how I get this. I just left a job that was, um, hassle-filled (if I’m being polite) and the new job I’ve taken on is a whole different animal. “Drained of my humanity.” Yup, that says it. It’s so important to end the day with our humanity, isn’t it?

  8. Coconut cake, yum. Good for you for recognizing that the job may not have been right for you. I understand so well how hard it is to turn something like that down, but in the long run, we’re happier, aren’t we?

  9. Sometimes when there are expenses like a child’s education, mortgage and spouse’s employment situation, we do have to take the good-paying job and be thankful. I am very thankful that’s not something I have to do at the present time and that I can make a little here and there and help pay for things. Good luck in your search. I’ve done that before and found what I really wanted to do when I least expected it.

  10. Oh, I’ve had some soul crushing jobs too! It’s nice to know what rejuvenates you and lights that spark with you. In my experience, it’s hard to find that in a job though. And sometimes when you do, the job turns suffocates the spark. I used to be a lot more idealistic about it, but now I’d be happy to find a job that respected my work life balance (left room for my passions), was with people I enjoy and that I felt was doing more good than harm. You’d think that would be easy?

  11. Great story! I would have been sooo tempted by the money and the fact that they wanted me. You’re a wise woman to know what you need to keep your humanity and sanity. Congrats on a great decision and a well-written piece!

  12. Decisions like that are so hard. Money vs. Life. Of course money *shouldn’t* matter but financial security is nothing to sneeze at so it’s gut wrenching to walk away. That being said I’m like you: I can’t hack the Dilbert life. Well worded post!

  13. Oh, how I can relate! I do freelance work, so how much work and what kind of work I take on is entirely up to me. I learned long ago that my sanity is not worth more $$. Good for you for knowing your limits.

  14. I totally feel you!! Whenever I think about abandoning my teaching dreams for an office job, I get a sinking feeling. As nice as it would be to have more money, it’s not worth it to give up happiness and a life outside of work. Good for you on turning it down!

    • Yes, the desolation is overwhelming when I’m tempted to give up on what I know I’m called to do. That’s how I know sticking to it is the right thing! And the world certainly needs more teachers like you – don’t give up!

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