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  1. The Mart of Wal is awful. I feel the same as you. But recently they extended health benefits to same sex partners of employees. At least they’re better than Chick Fil A.

    Since JUne 2012, when Dan Cathy made his hateful anti gay marriage remarks, I’ve boycotted them and got my wife and three daughters to do the same. we also banned Abercrombie & fitch because of their CEO’s sexist and ageist attitudes. also, “breastaurants” like Hooters are no no’s with us.

    a little goes a long way and if your soul is emboldened by taking stands, it’s the best you can do.

    Here’s my Chick – Fil A article from last year.
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  2. Your dollars, or lack there of, do speak volumes. I do this with a lot of retailers for a lot of different reasons. There are the occasional emergencies & some times you just got to do what you have to do. I’m glad I haven’t yet needed that emergency with CVS – I’m approaching 3 years w/o spending a penny

  3. I ebb and flow on Walmart but generally avoid.

    As far as taking a stand with your dollars – of course it matters – and it adds up if enough like-minded people do the same.

    As for shopping emergencies – I believe I finally ended up buying a bathing suit there once too while pregnant – because I needed one that fitted and wasn’t willing to pay some outrageous amount from the mat store for something I’d wear for three months. They apparently pull you in with aqua sports…
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  4. UGH I feel the same way about Walmart. We never go when we’re here but when we visit my husband’s parents, and need the five things we always forget (toothpaste for the boy? tampons? benadryl because I am allergic of their cats? WHATEVER stupid forgotten thing) they are always the ones that have it. Sigh. Glad they weren’t see-thru. At least the shiny camo pants would have made an awesome post 😉
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  5. I think I have those board shorts as well. My universities tried to make me anti-Walmart, but really, Walmart is just one of many, many, major retailers to have nasty business practices. Many of my friends will shop at Target, but not Walmart, and it isn’t much better to employees or local businesses.

    Still, I do try to avoid these stores as well. Unfortunately, I love clearance. Fortunately, Walmart has the worst clearance mark down system (besides clothing). So I don’t need to shop Walmart’s clearance much.

    (Sigh), I need a life.
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    • Ha! And I know – I actually boycott quite a few stores for the same reasons. I wage my own private war against corporate America…I would rather support our local businesses than make the Walton’s more wealthy.
      I love clearance, too. Actually (shh, don’t tell) most of my clothes come from the Goodwill – that’s how into cheap stuff I am.

  6. I love your blend of humor and honesty. I also liked your slang -“Lemme.” Walmart degrades one’s speech and overall intelligence. I’m glad you didn’t linger. I worked there for a summer as a front-end cashier. I’m convinced it’s a cult that masquerades as a business. I don’t shop there, but I do frequent Target.
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    • It does – I felt it invade my brain like a parasite. I worked for a big-business too, and it took a few years to overcome the icky-feelings it produced. It’s a very popular establishment, too, so it’s hard to explain just how money-grubbing the culture is.

  7. We’re a labour family (my grandmother was a shop steward in an aircraft munitions factory in WWII – my husband works for a union, and I met him volunteering for one), so we avoid Walmart (and Target) like the plague for all the reasons you listed. I’m always happy to hear we’re not the only ones! That said, emergencies happen, so I’m pretty sure your soul is still yours, unless you have paperwork that says otherwise… 😉
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    • It’s funny – no one in my family was a union employee, but they were small business owners, and seeing what they went through against the big bad corporations made me very sympathetic. Also, just seeing middle class jobs disappear in favor of low-level retail ones just angers me.
      And I know. A lifetime of never making a Walmart purchase atones for the one unavoidable emergency, I think.

  8. We don’t have Walmarts here or Macdonalds or any of y’all’s franchises so you’d think we have less problems like those and to a degree we do.

    However we do have businesses that I’d gladly boycott. Unfortunately I depend on them a lot.

    Great writing as usual. Perfect blend of humor and activism.
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  9. I am totally with you on the Walmart ban, and I thought your post was really funny, from the joy of the minimum-wage worker to the caption of your photo. I also boycott Target. I am a little fuzzy on why at this point. I think they may have supported the “corporations are people” thing. I hate shopping, so it’s not hard for me to stick to it, even if I forget why.
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  10. What- no picture of Mike in his trunks? 😉 I hate Wal-Mart too, but also because their stores make me feel like I am having a panic attack. Ugh. And because of People of Walmart. And of course, the morally sound reasons you mentioned. (Which by the way, I loved your commentary on your consumer stance!) What a funny story- you always make the mundane entertaining!
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  11. Yay, so I’m not the only one who feels icky about shopping in Walmart. Maude knows I don’t have deep pockets. I’m one of those people who needs to hold onto a dollar as long as she can. Still, I’m a union baby. I’m from Detroit, blue collar kid and proud of it. Anyhoo, love the tone and humor. Made me laugh, and you gave my activism spirit a belly rub. lol

  12. I am the exact same way! And for the same reasons too! I will buy the Sunday paper there but only because I know they don’t make any money off of it! Glad I am not the only crazy person who lives by their ideals:)

  13. I’m with you Natalie. I don’t eat at Chik-fil-A, don’t shopaholic at Walmart, Abercrombie, or Urban Outfitters because they’re run by – GASP – Republicans. But seriously, I think it can make a difference. And sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. Think AND swim. 😉
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