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  1. We don’t have AC either. I keep ice packs in the freezer for when it gets crazy-hot. We just hold them to our chests, or put them behind our backs on the couch. I’ve even put them in the bed for a half hour or so to cool it off. Fairly effective. Pretty useless against spiders though.
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  2. I hate cover letters, query letters, intro letters, resumes, and any formal writing assignment that promotes brevity + outlandish bragging. If I’m going to talk about myself, I need eight pages minimum.

    I don’t know what it is about spiders, but I have been killing armies of em for my family of girls lately. On the positive side, they appear not to fear snakes, though. 1 out of 2 phobias ain’t bad.

    Great bullet point post. Lol’ed throughout. (I’ve never said lol’ed before).
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  3. I hope you find something soon and that the heat breaks. I hate heat.

    And I’m so bummed about Breaking Bad ending because I think it’s probably the best show on right now. I’m going to politely disagree about Dexter – I’m sort of glad that one is ending, though I’m seeing it through to the end because I’ve come this far.
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  4. I run into garden spiderwebs every day too, usually on the way to throw out dog poo, just to add insult to injury as I realize I am at the whim of four-legged and eight-legged creatures…

    Life of Pi. I read the book before I saw the movie, just so I would know what happened to Richard Parker. The idea was to mitigate the bawling in public. But I cried anyway.

    Oh, and you should watch Luther. It’s a British TV show. It might give you back your will to live. 😉
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  5. love the bullets…agree about the country and am also frightened … Not a good thing to look at when youre bummed about work , heat and spiders….

  6. I am impressed you are doing something different every day. That takes a lot of motivation and discipline. Also: have you tried sleeping with a damp washcloth on your neck and forehead?
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