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    In no particular order: I have required two cold showers a day every day this week, because it is hot here; so hot I don’t even want to use a tired metaphor involving hell to describe it. Oh yeah, we don’t have air-conditioning, and we live in a 100-year-old house without insulation. So I’m also not sleeping at night… Other ways to stay cool: standing in front of the open freezer, putting my face directly in front of the fan we have propped in the window, driving around with the air-conditioning on, eating popsicles, drinking a metric fuck-ton of ice water each day. Sorry for the cussing, I’m not sleeping.…

  • Family Dynamics,  General Lunacy

    My Million Dollar Idea

    Typical Conversation with Mike: Me: I’m going to take Rusty for a walk. Mike: Oh great, I’ll come with you. Me: If you’re coming, do you think we could bring Mimi? I could strap her in, you know, like a Baby Bjorn? Mike: Yes, I like where this is going… Me: BITTY BJORN! It’s a brilliant idea! Mike: Your best one yet. See, I’m often scheming about ways to take the cat with me, because I know she absolutely hates it. Like most normal cats, Mimi detests going places against her will. She also can’t stand being held, because she’s half feral. If she wants affection, it’s completely on her…


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