My Million Dollar Idea — 25 Comments

  1. Hilarious! I also have a self-absorbed cat. She’s a complete wack job on top of being aloof. I make her at least speak to me before I feed her. Otherwise she just runs past me as if I don’t exist, and her food somehow miraculously just appears in her dish.

  2. Cats; why’d it have to be cats. (Nice photoshopping skills).

    Every time I try to force cats to do something uncatlike I always end up with a bite and claw marks. Cats don’t like to dance, wrestle, be tossed in the air, clean the floor like a mop…

    Now my dog, he will literally let me do anything as long as he’s getting attention. Sometimes my daughters will trap him in a clothes hamper and he won’t whimper or anything…just stay until they release him.
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