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Welcome to My Brain: Things I Am Thinking About This Week

Things I’m thinking about:

  • I am a much more sane person when I take regular internet sabbaticals. I took one last week, and emerged a pleasanter creature.
  • Clothes shopping is not nearly as fun when you don’t fit in the same kind of clothing you’re used to wearing: like, say, jeans. I’m doing better with the whole body image insecurity thing on a macro level, but sometimes it’s three steps forward, one step back. Dresses with tights and large sweaters, you will be my friends from now on.
  • This whole Walmart vs. Ashton Kutcher thing. Basically, everything that is wrong with society today. I give this stuff way too much space in my head.
  • I am generally tanking at NaNoWriMo. I squeeze in some writing whenever I can (2,516 words Monday, 0 Tuesday, 65 Wednesday, 1,035 yesterday, 0 today), but I did not fully think through this whole “Let’s start a brand new career AND write a novel in 30 days!” thing. It’s just bad timing. I’m trying to give myself grace and not take it so seriously.
  • On a happier note, how did I get so lucky that I am doing what I love for a living? It still hasn’t sunk in yet. Then I remember it isn’t just luck, I put in a lot of work to get to this place. I do not give myself enough credit.
  • I am knee-deep in the latest Game of Thrones book, and Jeez Louise, it’s like my version of crack. I’m sucked right back into Westeros. It’s pure escapism, of which I need a little right now.
  • Losing a relationship with a loved one to drug abuse is painful. So painful that I’m avoiding the issue, but my heart just hurts right now.
  • Sometimes my feelings lie, but hey, there they are, and I’m acknowledging them instead of wiping them away with Cabernet. This is a step in the right direction.
  • This song. We’re seeing the Black Crowes tonight, and this is my favorite of theirs.

So yes, I’m currently pondering ten or so different blog posts, but I can’t just zero in on one. Welcome to my brain. Pull up a chair, may I offer you some Candy Cane tea? I’ll try to keep it down in here.

After writing this, I became determined to clear my head of all this shizz by looking for the bright spots.Β I prowled around the house this afternoon with my SLR, looking for the things that bring me the most joy.

Things for which I’m thankful:

  • My husband, who saw how excited I got over a signed copy of this gorgeous book and bought it for me, even though it was full-price.


  • My husband once again, who knew how much I wanted to see Pearl Jam in concert, but knew I couldn’t afford it on my new freelance salary, so he surprised me with tickets. Yes, he is amazing, and no, you can’t have him.
  • That I got to see this in real life, even if just once.


  • The smell of cinnamon warmth spreading through my house after purchasing two bucks worth of scented pinecones.


  • My Turkish coffee maker. Best $12.50 I ever spent.

Turkish coffee

  • The rain. Hallelujah baby Jesus.


  • Β The view from my office window. It’s so green it hurts my eyes–but in a good way.

Rainy View

  • Β Books. Always.


  • The colors in this perfectly perfect abalone shell, which is no larger than my fingernail.


  • This face.

this face2

On that note, I’ll leave you with my favorite Pearl Jam song. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to tell you how amazing they are live.

– – –


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