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    Welcome to My Brain: Things I Am Thinking About This Week

    Things I’m thinking about: I am a much more sane person when I take regular internet sabbaticals. I took one last week, and emerged a pleasanter creature. Clothes shopping is not nearly as fun when you don’t fit in the same kind of clothing you’re used to wearing: like, say, jeans. I’m doing better with the whole body image insecurity thing on a macro level, but sometimes it’s three steps forward, one step back. Dresses with tights and large sweaters, you will be my friends from now on. This whole Walmart vs. Ashton Kutcher thing. Basically, everything that is wrong with society today. I give this stuff way too much…

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    “Voulez-vous avoir un rendez-vous avec moi?” “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” “Rendez-vous,” he pointed to me, pointed to himself. “Oh, no, no, merci,” I stammered, probably blushing. I hadn’t been asked out on many dates for a twenty-three old, so I hadn’t yet mastered the art of the effective rejection, even in English. Little did I know the persistency of French men… The young man turned to our friend Hisham and crooned a measure of the lyrical language I had yet to pick up. Hisham smiled at me. “My friend thinks you are very beautiful. He wants to take you on a date.” “Oh, tell him thank you, but I…


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