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The L.A. Scene — 35 Comments

  1. Atlanta? *waving*

    You could live in the city, have immediate friends *waving* and don’t worry, we’ll protect you from the gun toting Jesus freaks and take you to some good football, baseball, and BBQ,

    Good luck with everything. I think about your sitch every day.
    Lance recently posted…Gimme Back My BulletsMy Profile

  2. “What makes you interesting in 140 characters or less”…I feel like this is a task very specific to our modern era. I’m so weary from having to seem interesting. 😉 I enjoyed this post a lot.

  3. I laughed at your footnote. I have a friend who recently went through the rigamarole of finding a new job. She told me about all of the ridiculous new and improved hoops. For one interview, she had to drive 100 miles to another town in IL just to sit in front of a computer and take a proofreading quiz. Inane.
    Nate recently posted…Roly-PolyMy Profile

    • Oh yeah. Been there, done that. So far, I’ve driven into and out of the city no less than three times for “job interviews” that were really just tests. Can you not see on my resume that I’ve been copyediting for several years now?

  4. “People Online” readers could conduct your interviews. That’s where things are headed. Your essay is a lighthearted yet unsettling reminder of that.

  5. You make such compelling points here. I was going to rock your world and say “start one!” but then saw in the very first response to a comment that you were already way ahead of me on that one. But seriously, though, wouldn’t it be exciting?
    Katia recently posted…TV’s Top Ten Worst HusbandsMy Profile

  6. I have spent most of my 45 years in LA and am protective of my city. You are right, there is a lot of news about the business but that sort of thing plays all over too, not just here.

    There is so much going on here that has nothing to do with any of that nonsense, most of us are just regular people.

    Anyway, the cool thing about blogging is that you can create the publication you want and see a need for. It might be kind of fun to start something that focuses more clearly on the topics you are interested in.

    Start small and see what happens.
    Jack recently posted…Father’s Day, Lurkers & 99 Things That MatterMy Profile

  7. I can’t help you when it comes to L.A. magazines. It sounds like they need something like The New Yorker or The Atlantic, specifically designed for the west coast. Maybe that’s what the employer is looking for – someone who cares about something besides celebrity pop culture.

    I am guilty of watching The Housewives of New York. Shh…don’t tell.
    Robin recently posted…Lightning StrikesMy Profile

  8. Being a history lover and fan of Route 66, I am more interested in those elements of L.A. than the celebrity scene. Give me neon and the arts or interesting trivia about Route 66 over celebrities and shallow pursuits.

    On a side note, The New Yorker rocks. I recently bought a subscription to it and love it.
    Kim recently posted…How to Be a Writer in 5 Easy StepsMy Profile

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