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Let That Be Enough — 17 Comments

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough year and a rougher childhood, Nat. But I firmly believe in the axiom that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. From the sound of it, so do you. If nothing else, I’m grateful to be alive on some days. Maybe it’s not the most ideal scenario, but what is? I hope that 2015 is an infinitely kinder year.
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  2. I love the way you describe Surburbia Natalie. I couldn’t seem to put it into words, but you did for me. I’m living in one now, but my heart belongs in nature, like you. Maybe time for a change of scenery for you 🙂 sometimes it holds a lot of answers. Love to have you up sometime.

  3. “Is it enough?” is a question I struggle with again and again. My reasons for doubt are somewhat different, though there is overlap: depression, anxiety, pain, numerous other symptoms, feeling inadequate because I can’t seem to meaningfully contribute to society due to these disabilities, disillusionment with a world so full of cruelty and oppression, and having very few friends, none of whom are local. The stress of so many fruitless medical appointments, side-effects from medication, financial problems, illness of those close to me (one of whom died in 2014, two of whom are in the process of dying, and others whom are clearly suffering), etc. makes a difficult situation even worse.

    I don’t know if I will ever feel better, much less when. I’m not sure I have a “life worth living,” as some past therapists have put it. I just know that any form of giving-up will inevitably create even more problems for me and those around me, so on I trudge.

    I hope your life does somehow become easier and happier.

  4. You are SO right. No one ever tells kids that life’s just shitty and difficult and awful and that having expectations for good stuff only makes it worse…

    I kinda wish I hadn’t had to wait til my late 20’s to find that one out…

  5. Natalie, I hope 2015 brings with it new opportunities, new adventures, and many moments of soaring spirits for you. I also hope you find high points during your stocktake of 2014, that salvage the year for you a little. I have a few years like that in my own inventory… years that are best not recalled.

  6. I hope 2015 improves for you. It was a good year for me, actually every year has been pretty good since the lowest one about 8 years ago, but still I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. Why can’t we ever just be happy with what we have?
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  7. Seriously, 2014 can suck it! But here’s to a great 2015. I have a little decoration that hangs in my classroom, given to me my first year of teaching, that says, “Teaching is a Work of Heart.” And it really is. It takes a lot out of us, and doesn’t give us much back, monetarily. Just keep looking to those “ah-ha” moments where the reward is felt inside. The teaching life might be a simple life, and we might be stuck in small houses in the crowded South Bay for a lot longer than we want (possibly forever), but keep heart. Take small escapes to the mountains when things seem overwhelming. This might be it, but we can make it enough.

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