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Christmas Gift Ideas — 18 Comments

  1. What do you hope you’ll get? Car or Lasik eye surgery,so you can get rid of your glasses.Whatever it is I hope you will have a very merry Christmas and a happy, ‘New Year’.

  2. My husband and I stopped exchanging presents years ago. We have too much stuff. Last year, he replaced my car wiper blades for me (at my request). Women I work with were appalled at how un-romantic that was, but not having to deal with that chore was exactly what I wanted. I think you should put the money you would have spent on each other into an Italy fund. 🙂
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  3. I agree with the others, an fund for Italy. It’s final, we’ve voted and that is what you shall have 🙂 I think it’s so loving and kind that Mike ‘wants’ you to have something, that in itself is a gift. You should share with him it is the experiences you want. Do you have a little Italy type of place near you? We have the North End in Boston. Loads of Italian restaurants and Italian speaking community with some cultural sights. Do you speak Italian? If not maybe you ask for a language class or however people learn other languages these days?? Italian cooking class? Book on Italy ? You could go so many places with this theme.
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  4. We are just as bad. I “bought” my husband a book he wanted, which he already ordered online and paid for it himself (I’ll transfer him the money later) and he bought me a new winter coat after Thanksgiving because I was whining about how the stains in my down jacket wouldn’t come out. Really romantic, huh? But my birthday present from him was totally unexpected and inspired (he rented a little Fiat for me for five days since I love them but we could never afford one) so I really don’t care.
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  5. My husband and I are the same way. There is nothing that I really want that I won’t go get for myself. However, a new car or a international trip would be devine…but not Christmas present worthy. I think we are avoiding getting each other gifts this year.

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