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  1. This is beautiful, Natalie. My heart is aching for those painful years you were apart. You were obviously meant to be together.

    I’ve never heard any of the songs except the Elvis one. They’re beautiful.
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  2. Oh you had to go and pick Come Home Soon to yank at my heart strings lol. I love this post and re-living your and Mike’s amazing journey together. I am so blessed to have been able to watch you two grow together and become the amazing couple you are today. I love you both and am so glad you get to spend another Christmas together and many more to come!!
    Shannon H recently posted…Almost Home!!My Profile

  3. I absolutely loved your take on the Mixtape theme this week… I went so.. so… dark.. in comparison.

    What you said about dating in a fishbowl where everyone tells you how to conduct your relationship really touched on a nerve for me… Except for in my case, I got pushed toward marriage way sooner than I ever should have had any business considering it.
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    • Well, it can be a rather dark topic, lol. I was just feeling all sappy and sentimental…
      And I’m so, so glad we weren’t pushed toward marriage, as neither of us were ready. I’m sorry that’s not the case with you. 🙁

    • Ah yes, the church relationship. Sigh. Heaven forbid you meet your soul mate before the age of 22… 😉
      I like Christmas music, but I am selective about it. I like to think I have good taste, but then, doesn’t everybody?

  4. Well why do I want to say FINALLY! I am so happy for you that things worked out. I know you had a lot of struggles, but the fact that you made them through together is amazing. I am also glad that you can actually still listen to those songs. They make me want to take a deep jump without having any memories attached to them! Except Blue Christmas, I don’t know why… love to sing that one!
    Thanks for playing your mixed up tape with us!
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  5. I didn’t know that you guys met so young. I already loved you both, and this story makes me love you even more. Yay for young love becoming grown-up love, and forever love. I’m smiling for the rest of the day because of this post.
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  6. Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ is so beautiful! I’m happy for you have your Mike back where he belongs. I am also with my first love again. We reunited after my divorce. We were apart for 20 years. We fell in love at 16 and 17 so I understand the dilemma of being ‘too young’ to make it work. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas music. 🙂
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  7. I don’t think I could have listened to those songs if I didn’t know how your romantic ending turned out. Like you, I have to remind myself of how lucky I am. Have a wonderful, un-lonely holiday, Natalie!
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  8. I can’t relate at all, being in hardly any relationships and jumping for joy when the one’s I *were* in, ended. BUT, whenever I hear these Christmas songs, they get to me, and I think of how sad I’d be if Greg and I had broken up and the holidays started rolling around. I’m glad that all those years and tears ended up with you two being together!
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