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Mother and Son — 49 Comments

  1. Oh, darling, this made me cry. It’s a positive post, but I detect a certain reluctant yearning underneath the surface – a yearning I share. While I’m not in a spot where I can responsibly have children, and I’m not even certain that I want them at all, but when I see my loved ones with their little ones – well. Teary eyes.

  2. lovely

    I became an uncle about 1 1/2 years before I became a father. For some reason my niece would sleep as soon as she touched my arms. So, my sister and then brother in law would have me take care of my niece a lot, so they could sleep, too.

    I had the same reaction to my sister becoming a parent. Let’s just say neither she nor I were good candidates for parenthood before February 28, 2001. Now, we’re both so parent-like it’s kind of sickening.

    Great post. Happy Birthday to him, aunt Nat
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  3. This was really nice. Sometimes I wish I was closer like that with my brother. We get along, but I know it could be better. Maybe it’s because we see each other almost every day?

    Anyways, I’m glad you have this. πŸ™‚
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  4. This piece made me teary. I know so well the feeling of watching your little sister become a mother, and the love and wonder that comes with it. My little sister is now a mother twice over, and every time I see her with her kids, I can’t take my eyes off of her. She is such a beautiful mother, and I am awash in awe and pride at the way that she has taken to her new role, and I am so thankful that she has blazed this trail for me to follow.
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  5. I’m fairly sure we just bought that same squishy car toy set at Costco for our friend’s child’s first b-day. I was playing with it after it was opened.

    One year old is a tough stage. At three, though, it all changes. No more dirty diapers, they sleep through the night…they get self-sufficient…it’s just so much easier.

    But this made me remember those nights. Good post.
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  6. I love this, Natalie. I remember thinking about this when the first of my friends had a baby, about how she seemed like a totally different person, and I always wondered about how if she saw herself differently, too. Lovely post!

  7. This was such a lovely, sentimental post and really very well written. I especially liked these first few lines: “She didn’t need to tell me. I could tell by the faint smudges under her eyes, the baby’s unnatural disinterest in his breakfast.” You didn’t need to TELL this story either, as you really did such a wonderful job SHOWING all of the emotions through your fine imagery and figurative language. Just lovely. <3

  8. This was so sweet and sentimental, like a mouth full of candy. It is so wonderful to hear positive stories about siblings. My two girls are in their twenties and still struggle to make it through a weekend together without a tiff, but maybe one day.
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